Cent Issue 08 – PDF – Whimsy – The Stephen Jones Issue

By Jo Phillips


.Cent Issue 08 – PDf

The Cent “Whimsy” Issue guest edited by Stephen Jones.

Stephen Jones, a genius milliner was a guest editor for the Cent’s “Whimsy” issue. In the world of hats ‘whimsy’ is crucial and when choosing a theme for his issue of Cent, Stephen decided that it is the most pertinent word to describe his bubble.

Although by its very meaning ‘whimsy’ can never be defined, the dictionary definition says it may be described as a playfully quaint or fanciful behaviour or humour, a whim, a thing that is fanciful and odd. In this spirit, Stephen Jones’ issue was born including contributions from Rei Kawakubo, Anna Piaggi, Princess Julia and Jan Pienkowski.


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