CHANEL’s Love Affair with Musical Manchester via Paris

By Likhitha Kommu

When the name Chanel is mentioned usually it is the streets of Paris that come to mind, not the musically renowned streets of Manchester in the UK. But in a sparkling celebration of artistic craftsmanship and cultural fusion, CHANEL’s 2023/24 Métiers d’Art showed its latest collection on the historic Thomas Street in Manchester, paying homage to the profound creative dialogue between Great Britain and the iconic fashion house.

Métiers d’Art, translating to “Artistic Crafts,” stands as the pulsating heart of Chanel’s creative process, uniting an assembly of hundreds of skilled artisans with specific crafts. These unique skills are protected under the umbrella of Chanel who ensures the skills will never pester away. From embroiderers and feather workers to goldsmiths and milliners, these craftspeople contribute to transforming creations into exceptional pieces. Not just for Chanel but also for other luxury brands that utilise this level of expertise. This umbrella is called Métiers d’Art.

This year’s Métiers d’Art collection, the catwalk show where the crafts are highlighted, was inspired by the vibrant pop spirit rooted in Manchester’s music culture, and the collection being shown marked a playful nod to British music culture, intertwining with Chanel’s iconic tailoring.

At the forefront of the collection was the signature tweed of CHANEL, by Métiers d’Art company Lesage, paying tribute to Gabrielle Chanel’s groundbreaking approach. It radiated with contrasting autumnal and vivid colors, encrusted textures, pure silhouettes, and carefree attitudes, invoking a soft yet audacious femininity.

The makeup looks, reminiscent of the energetic ’60s music scene and local personal style, featured graphic reverse eyeliner, shimmering blush, and strong fluffy eyebrows. The entire show was a celebration of the enduring love story between CHANEL and Great Britain, a creative partnership spanning over a century.

CHANEL’s enchanting dedication to artistry blossomed beyond the glamour of the runway, unveiling a captivating spectacle at the historic Victoria Baths. Playing host to the mesmerizing exhibition, “Manchester Modern: Past Present Future,” co-curated by Factory International and CHAOS Sixty-nine, the event transcended mere visuals, delving into the soul of Manchester’s cultural tapestry.

Unveiling a kaleidoscope of music, poetry, literature, photography, and masterful handcraftsmanship, the exhibition, open to the public on December 9th and 10th, wove a vivid narrative of the city’s creative evolution. A celebration of both the echoes of artistic heritage and the rising crescendo of emerging talents, it transformed the ordinary into an extraordinary journey through Manchester’s vibrant artistic soul.

In a splendid showcase of dedication to the Métiers d’Art, Chanel extended its unwavering support through immersive workshops, inviting visitors to embark on a tactile journey into the exquisite realms of resident Maisons D’art luminaries such as Lesage, Montex, and Lemarié. The artistry unfolded like a carefully woven tapestry, allowing participants to intimately explore the tools and savoir-faire that bring Chanel’s creations to life.

The makeup artistry for Dematier’s Art show unfolded as a masterpiece of precision and elegance. Beginning with the complexion, LES BEIGES WATER-FRESH COMPLEXION TOUCH, delicately applied with THE BRUSH 2 IN 1 FOUNDATION BRUSH, imparts a flawless finish. Imperfections are skillfully corrected using LE CORRECTEUR DE CHANEL and the RETRACTABLE DUAL-TIP CONCEALER BRUSH. The cheeks come alive with a touch of freshness from JOUES CONTRASTE 64 PINK EXPLOSION, applied with the BLUSH BRUSH N.110 and elevated to the temples. Adding a luminous touch, BAUME ESSENTIEL LILAS graces the upper cheekbones.

Moving to the eyes, the STYLO OMBRE & CONTOUR ROUGE NOIR and LE CRAYON YEUX 10 BLUE JEAN create a captivating gaze, expertly blended with the RETRACTABLE DUAL-ENDED EYESHADOW BRUSH N°200. Lips are adorned with the radiant ROUGE COCO FLASH FREEZE, skillfully applied using the DUAL-ENDED LIP BRUSH N.300. Completing the look, nails are prepared with LA BASE CAMELIA, adorned with LE VERNIS DE CHANEL 111 BALLERINA or 127 FUGUEUSE, and finished with the glossy brilliance of LE GEL COAT.

CHANEL’s 2023/24 Métiers d’Art collection unfolded as a symphony of creativity, seamlessly blending the House’s impeccable craftsmanship with the vibrant cultural tapestry of Great Britain. From the runway, where the beats of Manchester’s music culture inspired the collection, to the enchanting exhibition at the historic Victoria Baths, the experience showcased CHANEL’s commitment to transcending geographical boundaries. Celebrating the enduring love affair between CHANEL and Great Britain, this fusion of fashion and heritage beautifully echoed from the streets of Paris to the musically renowned lanes of Manchester; a testament to the timeless allure of artistic collaboration.

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