Burning Wood

By Olivia Newby

Charcoal do you remember it from school art classes? that black burnt organic material. A medium, with an illustrious history. Utilised as a material used to illustrate and create images; that is until NEST New York, Charcoal Woods Classic Candle came along. In fact, there is a trio, two-sized candles, and a diffuser. Formulated to create a vintage, sweet, and warm scent and bring the idea of age-old charcoal into a new world. To find out more about ‘Burning Wood‘ read here

NEST New York, Charcoal, Woods Classic Candle

Charcoal, those messy black sticks from art class has remained a popular medium for communication, drawing, and preparatory purposes as part of our art history since the Renaissance. A medium used to develop initial ideas, preliminary outlines, areas of shadow, or squaring grids.

But let’s paint a charcoal illustration with our other sense, smell.

A trip to the wilderness; romantic couples retreat to the forests. Up in the highlands, spending the day admiring nature. Glistening sounds of birds chirping, and crackling snaps of twigs as walking through the reserve are noted. The air is cool with the scent of wood, all-encompassing.

A day full of adventure ends as you refuge back in your holiday cabin. A rustic fire under the mantle piece sounds warm-hearted. Wood burning to its blackest to keep you warm. When you think of a burning fire in the evening, which does create a warm childhood feeling? Perhaps even a charcoal candle sitting on the table could set back the tone from your childhood as well. Setting the evening up well for the two of you.

A candle; adds to the oak wood feeling of the body structure. Creating an echoing scent of the fragrances through the home building of the cabin you are occupying in. Burning off the smell of charcoal creates a mature aura around you. Immediately we can envision the charcoal drawings prancing around in the air.

Artfully blending notes of smoky woody aroma that warms the harsh structure of the charcoal essence of the slow-burning candle. Charred birchwood and smoky labdanum emerge from the depths of the wax burning through and through the air. A hint of black truffle, cedarwood, and patchouli flatter the setting of the evening set ahead of you in the cabin. 

NEST New York, Charcoal, Woods Classic Candle, and Reed Diffuser

The fragrance of the reed diffuser perfectly echos the essence of the Charcoal Woods candle. A dynamic duo that may also be paired with the other candles and diffusers from the wellness collection.

Something fresh about the woodland being so naturally clean is one of the only scents to have stuck around you for a little while. Taking your holiday home is all possible via the scent of Charcoal, Woods Classic Candle, or Reed Diffuser. That sounds like something of a well-being nature. For approximately 90 days, a continuous fragrance from the candle and diffuser has hitchhiked a ride home with you.

Behind the aromatic scent of the Charcoal, Woods Classic Candle is Laura Slatkin. The CEO of NEST New York fragrances, a luxury home fragrance company. As well as launched her fragrance brand ‘Slatkin & CO’ in 1992 after completing her degree in finance at New York University in 1979

Who knew taking a dive into the nostalgia of early childhood memories would be through the likes of a candle and a diffuser? Maybe we don’t have to ever grow up completely.

The Charcoal, Woods Classic Candle, and diffuser are both available at NestNewYork.Com, Here

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