Chill Out Oxford, A Place of More That Just Study

By Jo Phillips

Oxford is a city in Oxfordshire, England, and is home to the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world; But it has more to it than education, find out more here in Chill Out Oxford, A place of More That Just Study

During the early Norman period, and in the late 12th century it became home to the fledgling University of Oxford. The university rose to dominate the town.

The city began to grow industrially during the 19th century, and had an industrial boom in the early 20th century, with major printing and car-manufacturing industries. These declined, along with other British heavy industry, in the 1970s and 1980s, leaving behind a city that had developed far beyond the university town of the past.

In more modern times the town has become known for car production, publishing, science, and technology as well as beer production. From education to motoring via drinking one thing Oxford is newly known for is scented home production.

Meet Lord’s the new fragrance house inspired by and named after other wonderful grand places from across the planet.

From cool wet rainforests, to dry warm beaches, the experiences and memories made when travelling and exploring have inspired this ever-growing range of unique scents. 

Using natural oils, sustainable natural waxes, and eco-friendly packaging there is no harm to the planet by enjoying these products either.  Colourfully made in Oxfordshire by industry experts with a mission to add joy to a saturated market of boring branding and the same interior scents. 

Starting out with its own hometown comes the scent of the sweet florals of an English garden. With green Blackcurrant bud, Rose Geranium, Wildflowers, and delicate Sweetpea essential oils. A woody floral that will put you in a warm sunny mood. Base notes of Guaiacwood, Musk and Moss, balance the sweet florals in this aroma.

The next place to visit via scent is Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa  Rica. Smell the lush canopies of leafy vegetation soaked with rain bringing you earthy rich soils. Warmed by exotic floral heart notes of Orchid, Ylang-Ylang and Tuberose intertwined with silky woods & deep Patchouli.

This place is where you let go of fear. Zip lining, hiking, climbing, amongst the trees. The misty jungle is often cloud-covered, with warmth hitting you from the dappled sunshine through the treetops.

Next on our grand tour of scent co0mes Postino for sunny Italian days on the Amalfi Coast. The fragrant aroma of freshly chopped Basil, Mint leaves and green trailing Tomato vines ripening in the sun.

Lifted by the beautiful citrus essence of Bergamot, Pomelo and a dash of creamy Limoncello. A gentle Mediterranean breeze carries the fragrance of watery blossoms, woods and a soft moss to finish.

San Ignacio, Belize on the Caribbean coast of northern Central America. This candle brings alive Notes of Sea salt, pink Peppercorn, and cactus flower fill this scent with a crisp freshness over a heart of Geranium, Lavender, Basil, Algae, Eucalyptus and Hibiscus notes. Tonka, Moss, Amber and musk add a creamy depth to the base of this fragrance.

Also, travel to the wonder that is Yellowstone National Park. An earthy scent, the Eucalyptus and Sagebrush give you that hit of warmth you experience when in the park, followed by the cool earthy base of earth Orris, Patchouli, and Oakmoss to put you amongst the park’s trees and rivers.

Across to the other side of the universe to Kaikoura, New Zealand. Find the calming blend of rock Daisies, Lavender, Lupins & Chamomile, balanced with luscious green Ferns & Marine wood accords. 

Back to the UK for Trebarwith Strand, Cornwall. It is a comforting blend dominated by English Lavender, wildflowers, Camomile and Sweet Basil. Soothing Geranium and a hint of Jasmine, whispers of warm cotton and a smooth woody base complete this harmonious blend.

Go up north to the Abernethy Forest which stretches from the River Nethy to the top of Ben Macdui, high on the Cairngorm plateau in Scotland. This is the inspiration for the Christmas Scent in an attempt to take you outdoors in the crisp air, amongst the pine trees, with a spiced warm drink in hand. Contains essential oils of Pine, Cedarwood, Moss, Patchouli, Lavandin, Clove and Spices, Peppermint and Amberwood. 

And finally the destination with a winter-warming scent that was inspired by sunny days in Sri Lanka. A warming blend of Ceylon black tea, with Cardamom, Cinnamon, Frankincense and Amber, brightened by Grapefruit and Black Pepper.

LORDS Fragrance House is a brand born from experience and travel, Sasha Lord. Starting with her own garden these scents were born whilst swinging in a hammock nestled in a tree, watching the bees buzz from flower to flower in an Oxfordshire garden. It’s not just the vibrancy of colours that add to this scent journey. Bright bold pink alongside deep green are the colour palette utilized within the brand.

With over a decade of experience in the cosmetic and fragrance industry, along with work at The Aroma Company, she has gathered a wealth of knowledge creating their fragrances and developing products.

The fragrances come in a selection of candle shapes and sizes, alongside reed diffusers, scent sachets, soaps, oils and room sprays.

LORDS Fragrance House and The Aroma Company are both based in Oxfordshire. So bring a little of Oxfordshire or other further away locations into your own home for a chilled out scents experience.

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