Chocolate Tea

By Jo Phillips

So what do a teapot, a handbag and a mandarin all have in common? well in the hands of baking queen and general grande dame of patisserie Cherish Findon, they all, of course, are cakes. But why a lemon handbag or chocolate teapot made into a cake? Because these are celebrations of her family heritage and home, Singapore. Find out more here in Chocolate Tea.

If you see pastries and cake when you look at the work of pastry chef supremo Chriash Findon then you may well have left your imagination at home. After all, her creations are works of art rather than simply pretty cakes.

Singapore-born, Cherish grew up as the youngest daughter in a family of five. From a very young age, she cooked at home even though she was the youngest, encouragement from her family and friends, lead her to further develop her talents at Shatect Culinary School in Singapore.

Here in her home country, was where her talents began to blossom working at five-star Michelin hotels making pastries using her creativity to produce ideas utilising bright colours and textures bringing the patisseries to a new level.

Moving to London in 2001 her career blossomed even more. Ending up being in charge of everything sweet at the legendary Langham hotel, the hotel known for starting the tradition of British afternoon tea.

Interestingly alongside her baking training, she studied art and graphic design aiding her work in professional kitchens and so she considers her work incorporates food with art.  

Known for her use and love of sharing Asian flavours. Think things like Pandan leaf, Rose and Lychee as well as Pineapple, her take on the Singaporean pineapple tart, a must in every household for Chinese New Year, is legendary.

Welcome to SHIOK! the new cake destination store in the city of London, created, of course, by Cherish Findon. Combining traditional flavours of Finden’s childhood with her signature flair, bringing a taste of Singapore to London with her first standalone retail space.

This all-day tea shop bridges the gap between tradition and innovation incorporating memories of baking with her grandmother, cups of tea with her grandfather and her childhood in Singapore, a selection of Petit Gateaux selection includes such delicacies as a Handbag inspired by Finden’s mother always buying her mini handbags with classic flavours of lemon and raspberry compote or the mini chocolate teapot influenced by the Chinese tradition of drinking from the smallest teapot which her grandfather always adhered to.


SHIOK! elevates the traditional pastry offering with innovative, imaginative and irresistible indulgences imbued with Cherish’s unrivalled passion and energy, that are almost too beautiful to eat, yet dive in you must.

The offering which opens from 7 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri and 10 am to 6 pm Sat-Sun, includes other delights such as Kopi Tarik featuring flavours of coffee complete with edible spoon and cup, whilst signature pastry changes seasonally.

Alongside find a selection of chocolate bonbons with flavours such as coconut & gula Malaka and matcha & Yuzu; individual travel cakes, cookies in a tin and a breakfast offering includes Polo Buns, made using the traditional method to create a beautiful sweet yet fluffy milk bun with options including coffee, pandan and summer berries.

The savoury items again taste the inspiration of her childhood, which includes a  sausage shokupan, similar to a sausage roll,  and pork floss buns. Classic Viennoiserie and croissants are also available. 

Just in case that was not enough Singaporean staple, Bubble Tea is offered a wide selection of flavours and colours. Also on the drinks menu is a selection of fine Champagnes and wines alongside hot and cold beverages. For breakfast, customers are able to design their own juices. Cherish says;

In Singapore the word SHIOK! conveys a feeling of pure pleasure and happiness and this is what I want to capture. The patisserie is going to be somewhere you will want to bring your loved ones, any time throughout the day for an out-of-this-world pastry. I’m so looking forward to Londoners experiencing what we have in store’. 

Located in the city of London at Devonshire House, in the 146-year-old building adjacent to the hotel and in the heart of Pan Pacific London’s estate, and was designed by world-renowned Tom Dixon Design Studios. The intimate space is a perfect stopping-off point but customers can also just swing by for takeaway delights.

A temple of devotion to Cherish’s home county Singapore and to her beloved family. So this is why at SHIOK! you find lemon and raspberry mini handbags and chocolate teapots all of which temp your tastebuds and your imagination.

 SHIOK!, Devonshire House, Bishopsgate Plaza, EC2M 4JX

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