Cholombianos Exhibition by Amanda Watkins

By Jo Phillips

Amanda Watkins presents the subculture Cholombianos with a collection of portraits at the Mezzanine Gallery. The free exhibition runs between 7th August – 29th August where you will enter into the world of Cholombians in Monterry. The photographs capture the growing violence that has struck Mexico in recent years and the many ways the youth is responding to it.


From hairstyles, clothing, dances to handkerchiefs, caps and scapulars their unique style is presented to the world. Their quirky fashion designs helps distinguish where they belong to and who they really are. The Cholombians take pride in their heritage by embracing traditional clothing with a creative modern twist.


The collection focuses on cultural migration on the border cities: how it can be so rich and colourful in contrast with the poverty, marginalisation, and disenchantment of an urban environment.


Do not miss this quirky street style collection that celebrates Cholombianos style by photographer and fashion designer Amanda Watkins! For more information please visit Richmix.

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