Choose the Right Hemp Buds

By Jo Phillips

Want ot know how to Choose the Right Hemp Buds? The growing popularity of hemp buds comes as no surprise. It does supposedly come with a wide variety of health benefits, after all — from combating anxiety and depression to improving sleep. And because these products are generally available in most specialist shops, pharmacies, and online stores, it’s also an accessible way to enjoy the advantages cannabidiol offers.  

That said, much like everything that has a range of options and varieties, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right CBD flower. To ensure you select one that’s safe, of high quality and right potency, we’ve laid out a few tips you should keep in mind while shopping for one. Keep reading to find out more.

Lab testing

Reputable suppliers of CBD products usually underline the quality of their offerings by having the results of the lab test published for prospective customers to see. Usually, testing is undertaken by accredited, third-party laboratories instead of the actual company itself to avoid bias. Also, the test results must be recent or no more than two years old to ensure that they’re accurate.

The results will indicate whether or not the flowers were properly cultivated and show the amount of CBD the batch contains within its cannabinoid profile. It’ll also pick up any additives or extra ingredients that may have been added to the products, and you must look into the section that details contaminant or heavy metal analysis. This goes for any other product like CBD oil.

Cannabidiol content

Another thing you’ll want to check before you commit to any purchases is the THC and CBD content. The former’s legal limit should be 0.3 per cent. Those beyond that aren’t just illegal; they can also give you a high. Usually, hemp buds of good quality will contain negligible THC amounts. As for CBD, it’s recommended to opt for those with minimal percentages and move up gradually.


A good indicator of a hemp bud’s quality is the way it looks. Similar to fruits and vegetables, any discolourations could be a red flag. In the case of CBD flowers, they should normally have shades of green running the gamut from a lush dark green to a paler, yellowish-green. Apart from the colour, they should also have clusters of dense, healthy, well-trimmed buds. One good sign to look out for is the existence of the frosty crystals because these trichomes essentially contain active ingredients.


It’s never a good idea to take the word of the manufacturer or supplier of CBD as gospel. Much like any other business, it’s not uncommon for them to be economical with the facts. Therefore, you must also look up online reviews before you make a purchase. Insight from past and existing customers can give you a better idea of whether or not a specific brand is worth your money.


Finding the best hemp buds might come with its fair share of challenges. However, it doesn’t always have to be a complicated affair. So, follow these tips to find the CBD flowers that will meet your expectations.

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