Christmas Stars in the Streets

By Baishali Banerjee

By the end of November, do we really need reminders in our Google Calendars as to what is brewing around the corner? Well, all the streets and the Norway Spruce-like trees speak for themselves. We have reached the time of the year when it’s high time we pamper them with some love. The decorated houses, lighted trees, and streets are indeed a paragon of aesthetic pleasure, a symbol of God’s love and eternal bliss. Did you know? Christmas was first observed to be celebrated in Rome. The Church made the Christmas feast more approachable by using ornaments that were popular at pagan winter solstice celebrations. Huge trees, feasts and wreaths were all a part of this. To know more, read Christmas Stars in the Streets.

The building of the snowman is like a piece of cherry on the cake. It makes Christmas look more alive along with the season. How did the snowman trend start every Christmas? An Italian politician named Cosimo de’ Medici was known to be a huge patron of the arts. To add a little flavor to his mansion’s courtyard, he asked 19-year old Michelangelo to build the world’s first snowman. Little did they know then that this would become a Christmas trend. To this day, people still enjoy making snowmen.

Rome is where it all began. But over the years, from isolated locations in Europe to mountain settlements in the U.S., the most enhanced Christmas in the globe has been discovered. One such dazzling country is in Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague’s magnificent Gothic architecture offers a dramatic backdrop for its holiday celebrations. The Old Town Christmas Market, located at the base of the Church of Our Lady Tyn, offers hundreds of holiday shoppers Czech gifts, stocking stuffers and delicacies every December. Apart from that, an extremely tall and artistically adorned Christmas tree enhances the festive ambiance as carolers sing holiday favorites.

Another European Christmas sensation is Belgium, specifically Antwerp. Antwerp is one of the most popular Christmas destinations in Europe because of its gorgeous winter decorations and historic structures. The merry Christmas market of Antwerp, 200-foot-long skating ring and spectacular nighttime concerts have the City Centre brimming with holiday cheer. As you indulge in mulled wine and traditional Belgian fare, you may enjoy the antics of the city’s most acclaimed street performers.

Spending Christmas in Paris is like magic. The City of Lights gets transformed into a festive wonderland, with sparkling decorations, and twinkling lights everywhere you look. Holiday markets, festive decorations and other unique activities bring the city to life. From ice skating at the Eiffel Tower to taking a Christmas boat down the Seine, there is fun for everyone. Of course, visiting Paris wouldn’t be complete without savoring some of the finest cuisine and beverages available. Christmas in Paris is the ideal way to enjoy this time of the year because there is so much to see and do there.

London is another city that takes its Christmas decorations very seriously. So every year, a committee must meet at Mayfair club to puzzle over how in the name of God, they are going to beat the holiday spectacular from the previous year. A Carousel of Dreams is shown in the façade this year. The concept is to recreate interior design aspects for the club’s external decorations. That unicorn, which usually guards the club’s stairwell, has been transformed into a vintage fairground horse for this year’s decorating theme.

Christmas in New York is also enchanting! Americans love decorating their homes. The stores lavishly illuminate their storefront windows for the holidays. The city is usually exquisitely lit up, but during Christmas, it looks like something out of a fairy tale! Christmas Eve is the night before, and Christmas Day is observed on the same day as in Great Britain. It’s good to know that Americans don’t observe Boxing Day because this is a British tradition.

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