Clash: Africa In Motion

By Catarina Wilk

When you think of Africa, what does instantly come to your mind? What do you know about the world’s second-largest and second-most-populated continent? Beyond doubt, you will come up with many thoughts and ideas by this time…

Today, .Cent would like to introduce you to another feature of this fascinating continent, but from a rather different angle. Speaking of this, cinema and film are two terms that the majority of us does not connect with the African continent right away.
However, the African film industry experiences a major change since the continent’s decolonisation period. To be precise, while the African continent was predominantly seen and used as a rather fancy and exotic setting for the Western film industry, the situation has drastically changed over the years. Since the 1960s, the African film industry is on a rise.

In order to make even more people aware of the fact that Africa offers more than just beautiful landscapes, wild animals and impressive film settings, South London Gallery’s has established South by South which aims in supporting the African film industry. What is it all about? In a nutshell, South by South is “a quarterly screening of bold and innovative African Cinema programmed by Joseph Adesunloye“.
This month, South by South cooperated with Film Africa 2015 and displays a film screening of “Things of the Aimless Wanderer (2015)”, a film directed by Kivu Ruhorahoza.

The film is about “the sensitive topic of relations between “Locals” and Westerners. A film about paranoia, mistrust and misunderstandings.”
This beautiful trailer captures exceptional moments and gives you almost the feeling that you accompany the wanderer on his journey into the unknown…

The screening is on the 6th of November at 7pm. Booking a ticket for the screening is an essential, so you can either book your ticket online or you simply contact South London Gallery via phone by calling 020 7703 6120.

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