Clash: From Science To Art

By Catarina Wilk

At first glance, science and art seem to be two completely different universes (CLASH!). However, Lauren Bowker, founder of the project TheUnseen, proves the opposite and convinces even the last skeptic with her extraordinary work. The creative’s mantra seems to be: Make the unseen visible!

With a background in chemistry and textile, Lauren Bowker takes accessory design to the next level and makes us think about our environment and its effects on us in a rather different way.
Over years of investigation and experimenting, the alchemist and designer has invented scientific compounds which can be applied to various textiles including skins, fabrics, metals and building materials. So far so good, but now comes the exciting part. The compounds itself are able to reveal unexpected environmental phenomenons.
The materials mentioned above seem to be extremely sensitive to our environment which means that once you have applied the scientific substances to the material’s surface, they completely change colours and show unseen environmental fluctuations such as heat, air pressure, humidity and even stress. Impressive and unexpected patterns are the result of this scientific process which makes each accessory of Bowker so unique and different.

This year, Bowker launched her debut collections in Selfridges on the 31st of October. Extraordinary, luxurious accessories with a magical and innovative twist. That’s how one could describe Bowker’s collection.
In this case, if the holder gets in contact with this bag, an unique mix of vibrant colours will appear on the surface. If not touched, the bag stays almost blacker than black. See the differences!


This candle is more than just an average black candle.
“Our alchemy candles are hand poured and rich with artistic energy. Each candle is charged with U N S E E N magick. If in need of equilibrium, light our candle to captivate the room, revealing the strong stable colours and bringing a balanced energy into your world.”


How will accessory design change over the next couple of years? What will be possible or what other techniques will emerge that make the seeming impossible possible?
Unquestionably, Lauren Bowker laid the foundation of an exciting development and her invention is about to have an effect on other fields including automotive, construction and even healthcare. “Creating visual solutions to otherwise unseen changes has the potential to revolutionise the way we monitor our health.”
Time will tell…

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