Clash: Illuminum lights up your creativity

By Jo Phillips

Here at .Cent, as you might have noticed, we are passionate about perfumes.We love to introduce you to creative and innovative brands, that bring the art of fragrance to a whole new level.
A name that definitely belongs to this category is Illuminum London. Introducing perfume as an individual and unique experience, the brand pushes the boundaries of creativity by collaborating with the art world’s most ingenious thinkers.
For its 95 Percent collection, coming out in January 2016, Illuminum London has worked alongside three visionary chefs to create three fragrances that are intimately combining taste and scent. Indeed all our senses, in their complexity , are related and stimulated by one another, therefore it is interesting to see how they react to such explosions of flavors.

However, the 95 Percent collection is going further then that and this is what this article is all about. The innovation is not only in the scent of those perfumes but also in their packaging…


Illuminum London’s new collection is looking at the relationship between our scent and our sight. The photograph above is presenting Yuki, one of 95 Percent’s fragrances. Inspired by the Russian constructivism concept “Faktura”, the focus being on the materials, the packaging of 95 Percent collection is perfectly responding to the brand’s new mantra: “truth to material”. The use of neutral colours and pure materials (recycled board paper and Japanese paper) gives a palpable aspect of texture almost touchable with the sight. Moreover, the design of the packaging is related to one’s perception: playing with the packaging we notice that according to the lighting and to different viewpoints, our approach to the product’s composition changes. Some information is only visible in the light, when the packaging becomes see through. And this is bloody amazing!


In the picture above, the packaging’s design is fully part of the fragrance itself! Indeed, like a king on its throne, the perfume lodges comfortably in its lively box. Playing with form and space, you can create beautiful geometrical forms by folding the packaging’s wings! The team at Illuminum worked with design studio SabotagePKG who have said of the packaging “By collaborating with design studio SabotagePKG Illuminum London’s new collection is looking at the relationship between our scent and our sight.”

All pictures taken in .Cent’s studio

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