CLASH: Nature Merges With Technology!

By Jo Phillips

Product designers are in the market of constantly creating something new, unique, and often more technologically advanced than all the other products. It is their goal to encounter different and innovative ways to achieve particular outcomes. Product designers may need to create a product that will shield the sun and the wind, protecting people from aspects of nature. Often nature and products clash. However many different designers have used nature to create something wonderful and innovative. Living in harmony with nature has now become a popular and widespread trend

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-2-2 Who doesn’t like the soft soothing feeling of moss under their feet? Everyone? I thought so! Nguyen La Chanh has come out with The Moss Carpet which is made out of three different colours of moss is certainly a statement piece which is a must have in the bathroom. Especially since moss lives off humid environments, so what better place to put it than your bathroom! Not only will you ‘green-up’ your bathroom, but I guarantee the soft feeling of the moss under your feet will make you quiver with joy!

re-worked-curface-furniture-from-coffee-grounds1-537x357Re-Worked, which is a design company which primarily focuses on green technology, has brewed a new and captivating idea. Can you guess what it is? Çurface. Çurface is their newest product, it is a composite board which is made from predominately used coffee grounds and recycled plastic waste products. This board is then used to create furniture and many other items. What a perfect example of up cycling!

green-design-ideas-inspired-by-nature-2-4-1Have you ever felt like having a picnic but the weather hasn’t cooperated? Or have you ever just wanted to have a picnic but still enjoy the luxuries of your own home? Well, all your prayers have just been answered with this unique table! Haiko Cornelissen came up with the brilliant idea to blend nature with urban landscapes and created a table with an actual grass bed. You can even grow your own herbs and spices!

dd2818e5-b634-4812-840a-e18183856cff Gifu Prefecture exhibits its first ever exhibition in the UK of Japanese Mino washi paper at The Proud Archivist! Mino Washi is a traditional Japanese paper which is made out of the inner fibres of three different plants. This organic paper its used for many different functions or products, and it is the unique look of the paper that makes it so special.

45909c4f-d337-4ffc-a3d6-b68528abdeb6The basket lamp was inspired by the varying landscapes and many different cultures extending from Sweden to South America. Juan Cappa, a talented artist from Colombia, creates wonderful pieces based on combining unlikely materials together to produce something unusual yet stunning. Cappa uses raw and natural material, like straw, each having their own and specific potential. The process of using nature to create a product will always be truly beautiful!

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