Clash: Our World Captured In Pictures

By Catarina Wilk

To start off, today’s world is full of contrasts and contradictions regarding many different aspects of life. “Clash” is a term that summarises this phenomenon fairly well.
In terms of people’s living environment, the majority of us lives in rather large industrial cities with remarkable architectural features and breathtaking skylines which make each individual city so different and unique.
However, lots of traffic, crowded places, dense buildings and therefore, a limited amount of space for nature’s enormous variety are only two of the many negative consequences of society’s modern life and fast development.

At this point, Lonely Planet’s books “Beautiful World” and “Wild World” remind us that we all live in a fascinating world with many places where nature can still be wild and free because these areas are mostly untouched by mankind. Both books feature impressive photography artwork which capture moments that reveal nature’s hidden secrets and tremendous beauty. By slowly flipping over the pages and having a closer look at the impressive images, these books can be described as a homage to nature and its characteristics. Further, both invite the reader to dream and think about the world and its beautiful treasures which need to be preserved for future generations.

“Beautiful World” is Lonely Planet’s bestseller of 2013.
“Origins”, “Nourish”, “Untamed”, “Community”, “Celebration”, “Transformation”, “Space”, “Harmony”, “Monumental” and “Eternal” are the chapters’ titles which all comprise astonishing high-quality images of some of the world’s most amazing places. In this respect, the title’s actual name already gives the reader a hint of what he or she is about to see (and even feel). See the wonder’s of our colourful world extremely sharp and immerse into a world full of natural beauty.


The answer to “Beautiful World”‘s success is Lonely Planet’s newly released book called “Wild World”.
“Explore the planet’s most majestic and mystical places with this thought-provoking collection of photography from every continent. Experience thrilling sight and phenomena and rekindle your relationship with the wild.” – Lonely planet


Lonely Planet’s “Beautiful World” and “Wild World” will make you see the world from a different perspective. These images arouse emotions and you will definitely see the world with different eyes after you have reached the last pages. Unquestionably, the colourful images are able to take you on a journey to so many places which you probably might never see in your actual life. It is possible to see the whole world without even leaving the house thanks to the amazing world of nature photography.

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