Clash to Create

By Rebecca Blakeston

‘Opposites attract.’ It’s a well-worn phrase for good reason. The 2020s feel like an era of collaboration. In recent years, the worlds of fashion, art, music and more have seen fascinating works produced as the result of sometimes disparate-seeming creators coming together. Concepts, perhaps not explored before, bloom into exciting new outcomes. This season continues to maintain the trend of creative clashes making for new developments and ideas. Find out more in Clash to Create.

Image on left courtesy of Hunter Boots

When you think of British heritage brand Hunter, you perhaps have an image in mind of the countryside-dwelling, well-to-do types. Their iconic wellington boots have been seen on the likes of Lady Di and Prince William. However, Hunter seemingly refuse to be penned in by their more conservative associations; think iconic images of Kate Moss, perhaps not a Royal Family member but royalty of the fashion world, traipsing around Glastonbury with Pete Doherty on her arm. Hunter is a brand made for being subverted.

In their latest collaboration with Thames MMXX (pictured left), Hunter lean into this subversion of their traditional image. Skateboarding brand Thames MMXX was founded by Blondey and first stocked by iconic store Slam City Skates in 2013, the beginnings of a strong legacy in modern-day skate culture and streetwear. It may at first appear as an unexpected crossover. But, together, Hunter and Thames MMXX have created an effortlessly cool range of products that are a must for streetwear fanatics everywhere.

Also in the vein of streetwear is the latest Havaianas collaboration with Mastermind Japan. This isn’t the first time the two brands have joined forces to great results. Available in two colour ways, bold tangerine-orange or sleek black (pictured below), the classic Mastermind skull-and-crossbones logo is now available on Havaianas sliders. Now that it’s the season for hitting the beach, this comfy yet bold footwear has arrived just in time.

Another footwear launch to get your hands on is a collaboration between luxury fashion giant Lanvin and cult Japanese brand Suicoke. For a second time, these powerhouses have joined forces to create two new pieces: a sandal and a clog (pictured below) both available in black and white colour ways featuring accents of Lanvin’s signature chevron herringbone. Launching the 31st May, mark you calendars if you want a piece of this Japanese utility meeting French chic.

And, outside the world of fashion, a new, limited edition release is available from Johnnie Walker in the form of their Bold Steps campaign. This collaboration with Diet Paratha celebrates British South Asian creativity and feminine strength. The beautiful, vibrant artwork that adorns this bottle is the work of illustrator and graphic designer Kushiaania (pictured below) and is a must-have for collectors and lovers of both whiskey and excellent design.

There’s no shortage of proof this season that some of the most interesting work is born from creative forces from backgrounds and sensibilities far and wide coming together. Enrich your life with these creative clashes.

The Hunter x Thames MMXX collection can be found Here

The Havaianas x Mastermind Japan collection can be found Here

The Johnnie Walker x Diet Paratha bottle can be found Here and also here

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