Clean Inside and Out

By Jo Phillips

We know the male of the species can be a little lazy when it comes to cleanliness, so what about some very straight forward products helping to make staying fresh and clean just that little bit easier? A new cleaning company that targets young adult boys and girls in the early stages of skincare but one that is about being clean inside and out; 31st state skincare targets young adults in need.


Sometimes it takes mum to actually do it! Afterall she does know best. Mum of both boys and girls Stephanie ca[uano who just happened to have a background in Pharmaceutical and biotic pr alongside luxury brands wanted to find an alternative to chemically packed skincare. Something that was clean inside with the best quality ingredients, not finding what she wanted she started her own brand. Welcome to Californian brand 31st state

The family

As this Californian brand says:-Hair stuff. Body stuff. Face stuff. All inspired by California and the guys there who make it look easy.


Products include Silver and manuka 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash and Foaming Face Wash. These ingredients are especially effective for acne and odour as they help fight bacteria without damaging the natural fauna of skin. These ingredients kill bacteria, clear and prevent future breakouts, and also calm any redness by reducing inflammation.


Also available is the award-winning Overnight Clearing Pads pack, which tackles existing spots and prevent future breakouts with a quick pre-bedtime swipe.

The brand initially was set out for boys but are equally effective for women and are part of a growing desire for more naturally derived skincare.

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