Clean, Shaven, and Timeless

By Louis Lefaix

The clean-shaven male face was embraced by Julius Caesar. The Romans invented the novacila, an early version of the razor. It was a blade mounted on an iron block with handles. The Romans would also go to the ‘tonsor’, the barber at the time. These barbershops date back to 350BC and were part of their daily lifes. They devoted special attention to the care of the body, beauty, and hairstyles. Find out more in Clean, Shaven, and Timeless Here

Men had already started shaving as early as 100 000 years ago. Stone age men have been proven to have used clam shells as tweezers to pull their beard hair.

Men’s grooming has been on the rise as of recently. More and more products are up on the market. The industry is flourishing and climbing to the levels of that of the women’s.

The fashion for beards has not slowed down the proliferation of razors on the market. Now many brands offer a subscription service. Newest to the market is Clean Shaven.

Clean Shaven offers a range of blades to choose from. Pick the CS3, with its three razor-sharpened blades, lubrification strips glides to help protect your skin and the advanced skin guard that helps stretch your skin.

Or opt for the CS5 and its five blades that make for a more comfortable shave, and its trimmer blade for edging tough areas. It also comes in a version appropriate for sensitive skin, thanks to ultra fine blades for less tug and pull.

If you pair either of the blades with the shaving gel, you are guaranteed a perfect shave. The shave gel provides a smooth shave, leaving the skin moisturised and soft after a good shave. It helps soften hair for maximum glide and relieves irritation from shaving. It is Suitable for all skin types, and is vegan, not tested on animals.

Now you have a clean-shaven face. But what about the rest of the body?

The full body trimmer will remove all the unwanted body hair from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.  It sports Ceramic Blades to prevent nicks and snags, and adjustable guard sizes, an ultra-quiet motor. It is waterproof, and its rechargeable battery lasts up to 90mins.

But what about stubborn areas like the ears and nose?

Well, the nose and ear trimmer is the perfect tool to remove those unwanted hairs with zero pain or tugging. It cuts hair quickly and effortlessly from any angle and in any direction. It has a removable & washable trim head. Has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five hours. Has a USB charge and is waterproof.

Clean Shaven has the entire body covered with various items. Moreover, it also provides effective shaving for women with its four and five-blade razors.

Clean shaven doesn’t only provide quality products, it goes further. Most shaving equipment brands function through subscriptions. Clients have to commit to a contract that obligates them to pay for one, two or three months.

This isn’t the case for Clean Shaven. In fact, there are no subscriptions. Clients buy their products at will. This is suited for those who don’t necessarily shave as often. And, Clean Shaven’s durable blades limit how often you engage in purchases. Therefore, you are free of any contractual obligations.

Clean Shaven is more affordable than the leading brands of the sector. The bundles allow clients to cut prices. For example, the CS3 set offers a razor handle, a CS5 (with trimmer) blade, a CS3 blade, CS3 blade (eight pack), a shave gel, a travel blade cover and a post shave balm.

Find out all about Clean Shaven on their website here

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