Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

By Jo Phillips

Why not break away from the mould of music and fashion festivals so prevalent at this time of year and change it for a weekend of design and inspiration. Clerkenwell Design Week is home to some of the most innovative design businesses, architects, and artists London has to offer. The CDW becomes an epicenter for lovers of design to come together to enjoy brands showcasing their work from all over the world.

For three days, the public is able to attend showroom events, exhibitions, and special installations throughout the area. Clerkenwell Design Week has established itself for the last eight years as the leading independent design festival, attracting a community of almost 40,000 a year. We have had in the past the great pleasure to have Clerkenwell’s original Creative Director, Samantha Watson-Wood as our guest editor on one of our issues, The Sense of Wonder.

With over 300 brands to see, Clerkenwell’s diversity of culture and style is not something to be missed. Guests will get a unique opportunity to be apart of a series of talks and debates during their full weekend. It will include introductions to new products, discussing issues in the industry, as well as networking with fellow professionals. Each day has an extensive list on their website as a guide to pop to interesting events, catered to your liking. To highlight one area of interest, Clerkenwell is showcasing Conversations at Clerkenwell, which implores speakers and professionals to discuss current and future industry topics. Such topics include the future of architecture and interior design, Brexit, and even an inside look at the changing ways we design. This year, the programme will be at Design Fields. It will also be featuring an interesting flooring installation from Desso, a Tarkett company. If you want an exclusive take on these professionals, book your tickets now on their website.

Clerkenwell is especially known for their up and coming projects and street demonstrations. To push the boundaries of art and design, they commission some world renowned professionals to inspire and entertain the masses exclusively at Design Week. The goal of CDW Presents is to challenge what we see as design and to look at the future of art and architecture. Some themes that seem to be intertwined in the events include geometric patterns and shapes, whether in 3D architecture or paintings. The concept of the cohesive shapes interchanging and melding together are presented in ideas of the multicultural era and collaboration that seem to mirror our world.

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One interesting piece that will be showcased this year is BuzziJungle, an unconventional design that changes the traditional office space, reinventing it for the modern age. Its multi-level space breaks the model of social interaction at work by offering spaces of comfort while working with colleagues in an intimate setting. This counterculture idea of using office space to connect each other through various levels of space is quite amazing and unique. Take a seat in this yellow steal jungle and discuss amongst yourselves.

BuzziJungle by Buzzispace
unspecified (2)_optDesign Week isn’t all seminars and discussions though, to change up their events and your weekend, Clerkenwell has teamed up with Icon Magazine to take over Fabric nightclub, presenting Icon House of Culture. The walls of this famous club will display a carefully selected group of top design brands from around the world. The beauty and modern designs celebrate the classic yet futuristic elements used for an interesting and exciting setting. Selections include Chintz, their sponsor Bang & Olufsen, and Pad Home. For a unique venue that showcases the best of world wide design, check out Fabric from 10:00-21:00 every day during Clerkenwell Design Week. Fabric one of the most iconic nightclubs in the world is run by Keith Riley we had the wonderful pleasure of having him as one of our guest editors for our issue.

Graypants by Pad Home
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Curiousa & Curiousa ‘Chintz’
For one weekend only, London will be transformed into a design headquarters. With a plethora of events, Clerkenwell Design Week, May 23-25, will be sure to inspire. For more information, check out their website here for exclusive looks at the upcoming features and events.