By Zelie Vandermeiren

What do you call a collection of people in slang who are collectors of unusual objects? We would like to nominate the phrase Cluster-F*ckers.… Ok, we are only joking, but there are some wonderful names for people who collect items, whether the names be slang or real it’s worth knowing your Sneakerheads from your Spaghetti Wrangler


There are pretty normal and common things to collect. Many of us collect things for personal joy, satisfaction, nostalgia or to make a profit from them. In fact, humans have been collecting things even before the pyramids and if you think about it, museums are just big playgrounds of collections. Here are a few collectors names that may be known to you or may just make you smile.


Let’s start with something soft, easy and guessable, SneakerHead. As can be surmised, it is someone that collects sneakers or shoes in general. Along with these collections come the necessary information about the brand, release date, and anything else Sneakerheads’ wants to know.

Vinyl Pervert

Here, our next slang for a collectors’ name is a Vinyl Pervert, a person who collects and loves vinyl. The biggest Vinyl Pervert is a man living in Sao Paolo, with more than 7 million articles of Vinyl.


Breweriana are people that collect things related to a Brewery. It can be a beer can, a matt, an opener, anything as long as it is related to the beverage.


A welliest, is simply someone that collects Wellington Boots.


A Hickster is a collector who is a mix between a Hipster and a Cowboy. The person may have a beard, collect Cowboy hats, boots and will wear them on every possible occasion.

Spaghetti Wrangler

And for our small list, la creme de la creme, we present the Spaghetti Wrangler. You may have never come across this one or even guessed the name just by looking at it. But we will enlighten you: a Spaghetti Wrangler is someone that collects pubic hair ! You may ask, does a Spaghetti Wrangler collect his own pubes, request other people’s pubes, or even take them from places? Let just say that there are some things that are better left unknown.


Compared to all of these slang words above, a Philatelist is a real word and is for a far simpler collector, one who loves stamps.You may yourself be a Philatelist or know someone who is because it’s one of the most simplest collectable objects in the world.

Fashion designer Mary Katrantzou has added some beautiful stamps to the world. Sadly not collectible but because of lockdown, she decided to create artworks of her Mary-Mare collection into stamps. These stamps feature images of ladies in statement pieces.

Inspired by vintage post stamps, the Mary-Mare collection has taken life in 12 beautiful stamps. By portraying a different location across Europe for each stamp the viewer gets to take a visual vacation. Each stamp and location has a beautifully drawn outfit from the collection included. Now with these beautiful silhouettes we are taking a tour of Europe.

Via these emotive colourful pictorial stamps, spend your summer in the south of France, going from Biarritz to Cannes, while traveling in Nice and the Cote D’Azure. It will give you an idea of what it feels like to take the sun in the South of France and its beautiful beaches, wearing the Mary-Mare collection.

Or would you rather be spending some time in Italy ? With these stamps, Mary allows us to dream of being able to go to Venice, Sicilia or Portofino, wearing her collection while living the Dolce Vita, under the sun.

Maybe even, traveling all around Europe from the north of Spain, with the Costa Brava, to Monte Carlo, dreaming of finally winning at the Casino ?

Or discovering Mary’s roots and understanding the inspiration for her collection from her greek heritage? Or discovering the Adriatic Coast, across Dubrovnik, Croatia.

With Mary’s stamps, you can be all of those women at once, and without leaving your home. Brands have to reinvent themselves and how they used to work because of the pandemic. Collections like Mary-Mare, show that even in those strange times, good things can come from it. You now have an insight of the collection and 12 beautiful stamps that can add to your batch, philatelist or not.

A collage of 12 stamps with women in the Mary-Mare collection, in different locations

For more information on Mary-Mare, collection please read here.

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