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The term “Blue blood” is used to express those with royal or noble lineage, but where on earth does this phrase come from? after all, our blood is red yes? Find out the history of these words and their connection to health and wellness in Coalesce Here.

Ancient and contemporary, History and future, Old and new, Past and Present, Outdated and trendy. In whatever name it is referred to, it is often considered to conflict with each other; a reflection of a time past and the heralding of a new beginning. Yet the past and present coalesce in a yin and yang relationship. For one to be, the other equally needs to be. Most important however is the essentiality of knowledge transfer from the past to the future, using the present as a conduit towards a continuation, an improvement or a correction.

We know not all knowledge is transferred through generations and even fewer survive the rigorous journey into the future, often discarded by the overburdened shoulders of the young. Some however push past generational differences, fighting for survival into the future and such is the case of silver, a precious metal defying relegation for thousands of years to stay alive beyond being an ornament, jewel, or currency.

Originally believed to be fragments of the moon dispersed into the earth, the precise origin of silver is unresolved yet, its unearthing dates back to 3000 BC, supporting Herodotus, a greek philosopher and the father of history, who dates its existence and use long before Christ.

Notwithstanding its blurry birth, a historical certainty is its use majorly by royals and nobles. An earlier piece of evidence is traced 1000Bc to Babylon. All Persian kings drank water only from Choaspes (Karkheh), a river flowing past the Persian capital of Susa. Whenever the king would journey, water was drawn from the river and transported in silver jars to keep it fresh.

The preservation of wine, water, and milk with silver spanned across continents and beyond the royals to elite members of the society. For some, like the adventures and explorers of the wild wild west, it included throwing silver coins into water, wine or milk and for others, like the elites, it was preserving in silverware. The elite’s use of silverware to wine and dine among other uses birthed the phrase “born with a silver spoon” to refer to people of noble birth.

The silver craze progressed as far as wearing silver breastplates, particularly during the plague in the middle ages, under the belief that it would offer protection from diseases. This excessive use of silver resulted in Argyria, a condition caused by extended exposure to silver which turns the skin to a bluish-grey discolouration. As most nobles could afford silvers and didn’t work ‘outside’ this condition was most noticeable on their untanned skin. This earned them the term “blue blood”.

The past is never dead, it has not even ended yet”

A quote by William Faulkner in the Requiem for a Nun becomes an apt description of colloidal silver. Although silver’s medicinal qualities were uncovered before Christ, it became entangled with history and known as a superstitious practice. It was not until the 1800s and the early 20th century, that it resurfaced. Known now as colloidal silver (Colloidal silver consists of tiny silver particles in a liquid), it gained regulatory backing and made progression in its medicinal qualities as an antimicrobial to include use in suturing, covering wounds of soldiers during World war 1, mitigating against neonatal eye infections and even in the development of a plate for cracked skulls.

Silver’s fame was ephemeral owing to the dawn of synthetic antibiotics which were simple to manufacture and more profit-driven. The efforts of colloidal silver and those who tether the past to the future by carrying this important history into the future either by learning from professionals or ancestors; documenting in folklores, caves, stones, parchments, or books; or researching, have paid off. The modern favoured antibiotics are beginning to show signs of inability to keep up with infections and conceivably, a retrace has led most back to Colloidal silver in search of answers.

Colloidal silver is not new to fame but has recently been rediscovered. It is very much part of a trend in beauty for metals including gold that are resurfacing as beauty and wellness treatments. It has unveiled yet another layer of its power to the world through ARgENTUM, a UK-based skincare company whose main ingredient is colloidal silver.

ARgENTUM’s essence as a brand flows from its founder’s origin as a preserver of history and the impact of love and communication of energies in her journey to realizing her dream. Having grown up in South Africa where her grandmother made use of colloidal silver in treating skin bruises, concerns, and infections, Joy Isaacs carried on this knowledge not only in catering to her family but also in providing skincare to the world in general.

As an embodiment of the Universe and its guiding light, ARgENTUM nicely ties the supernatural and natural, explained and unexplained, and the spiritual and physical by transforming parts of alchemy, apothecary, archetypes, tarot reading and silver from metaphysics to science for everyday use. Majorly a skincare brand, it launched its first product, ARgENTUM La Potion Infinie moisturizer in 2013 where it made use of its patented Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP to improve fine lines and wrinkles, promote cell regenerations, hydrate ten times more than hyaluronic acid and provide anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory for the skin.

ARgENTUM ‘s unique composition of Silver Hydrosol, the best refinement of colloidal silver, and DNA HP, a polymer extracted from salmon milt, penetrates deeply into the skin without damaging the skin’s natural organisms. In addition, its passion for penetrating beyond the skin into internal and external energies released and surrounding its clients makes its offerings ingeniously distinct and it has a Nobel Prize to seal its claim.

Being a custodian of the moon’s child for almost a decade, ARgENTUM has harnessed and extended the silver’s powers beyond moisturisers, exploring new fields and unique approaches to beauty products as shown in its lotions and soap-free cleansing bars. Recently, it has moved into perfumery, perhaps unlocking in its path, combined sections of aromatherapy, alchemy and spirit scents with its fragrance, Les Parfums infinis.

As is its modus operandi, ARgENTUM makes a detour from existing perfumes. Les Parfums infinis is a coalesce of ARgENTUM’s identity in skincare and perfumery created to nurture the hair and skin. It excludes from its components, alcohol and chemical solvents, major ingredients of perfumes, making it protective of the skin’s hydration and organisms and a harmonious continuation of its skin silver project.

The use of yet another patented Water Plant Emulsion technique leaves the fragrance with a creamy lotion-like consistency and happily without alcohol which can dry the skin. Although genetically and technically distinct from most perfumes, it holds its weight in longevity, lasting up to 8 hours.

Les Parfums infinis is uniquely created in 13 parts of which part 1 to 12 represents each of the 12 archetypes. Perfume zero is a neutral fragrance with which any of the twelve can be combined or layered. This births its concept of twelve becoming one, greatly influenced by the romance and love which blossomed in the life of its founder.

Perfume zero of 13 known as “Become” is a herbaceous citrus wood scent with top notes of Italian Bergamot, the prince of citrus accompanied by Rosewood and Geranium leaves, Middle notes of spices and a base note of Indian Sandalwood and Indonesia Patchouli.

The signature scent was developed by the hugely respected nose Delphine Thierry, who specialises in using natural ingredients. All scents are contained in protective violet glass, which works by blocking the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of violet light offering optimal protection against the damaging processes released by visible light, and extending the life span and potency of the fragrances.

Perfumes Number I – VII include- Creator, an air-sugared spice scent with main notes of Osmanthus, Organic Bitter Orange and Cinnamon Bark; Lover, a water floral musk scent with main notes of Madagascar Pink Peppercorns, Rare Iranian Rose Essential Oil and Raspberry; Jester, a water wood floral sceent with main notes of Organic Green Tangerine, Organic Mexican Blood Orange, Madagascan Ylang Ylang; Everyman, an earth citrus moss scent with main notes of Organic Argentinian Lemon, Organic French Clary Sage and French Wild Daffodil; Explorer, an earth spiced amber scent with main notes of Organic Ciste Labdanum, Sichuan Pepper and Olibanum Boswellia Tree; Caregiver an earth sweet wood scent with main notes of Neroli, Haitian Vetiver and Venezuelan Tonka Bean.

Perfumes Number VII – XII are – Sage an air floral powdery scent with main notes of Heliotrope Flower, Caledonian Sandalwood, Egyptian Violet Leaf; Magician, a fire pepper spiced scent with main notes of Atlas Cedarwood, Myrhh Absolute and Organic Indian Black Pepper; Hero, a fire aromatic wood scent with main notes of Incense, Agarwood and Clove Bud; Ruler, an air floral spiced scent with main notes of Organic Argentinian Lemon, Organic Ginger, and Indian Tuberose; Innocent, a water citrus almond scent with main notes of Bitter Almonds, Green Apples and Salvadorian Ambrette Seeds; and Rebel, a fire amber Oudh scent with main notes of Papyrus Oil, Angelica Seeds and Saffron.

Each perfume is beautifully packaged in black boxes with the house illustrations and packed away with a silver talisman wrapped up with pop-up-like leaves.

The universe functions in harmony, reacting to energies and attracting people and things into fated encounters as such, a customer can either choose or be chosen by a fragrance. Embedded in each box is a tarot reading based on the customer’s fated archetype and a talisman. The entire box itself is a treasure trove of hidden compartments and services. With ARgENTUM, a box of fragrances earns one several millennia’s worth of knowledge, discoveries and services which have coalesced.

Sustainability remains an essential part of the fragrance in the company’s pursuit of positive luxury. All 13 scents have been rated individually for the ingredients used with the lowest percentage being 94.47% of natural origins. Its bottle is not left out as directions are provided for caring for it particularly as the brand aims to make its consumers feel good about the packaging and its content.

ARgENTUM continues to orate one product at a time, the essence of knowledge transfer, balance and how things seemingly antagonistic of each other in reality coalesce. A discovery over six million millennia ago became Grandma’s fail-proof bruise solution carried yet again across time, wars and generations to serve mankind and offer skin solutions that respect the biological order of skin and mother earth. In this acuity, we go forth with histories handed to us knowing that;

Though we walk into new beginnings, we walk with the pride, confidence, and knowledge that those before us walked similar paths and are with us even at this moment. Just as they hold our hands, we too shall hold the hands of those after us, creating an infinite link of strength, advancement, resource and guidance.”

To find out more about all the ARgENTUM’s Fragrances please go to Here. or visit the new store 119 Portland Road, London, W11 4LN

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