Chocolate Timorous Beasties

By Caspian Tyrer

Lime sea sprays salt, the sun sets on Edinburgh’s rose drenched streets and peppered passers-by take delight in the chocolate cobblestone alleys. Soon this citrus squeeze and rouge city will be torn apart, replaced by a majestic rectangle of brown.

COCO is a chocolate company with an emphasis on quality, creativity and collaboration. 

Their ethically sourced South American cocoa is reworked into avant-garde flavours in their Edinburgh kitchen and their equally avant-garde packaging has been a point of collaboration for artists and illustrators since 2012.

The Glasgow based textile icons Timorous Beasties are well known for their distinctive wallpaper and print collection. Their designs recontextualise domestic furnishings and traditional decorative patterns to represent them in a contemporary and somewhat satirical setting.

Noted for their creative partnerships in the culinary sector, Timorous Beasties have collaborated with COCO for the release of two limited edition bars: Sea Salt and Lime Milk Chocolate, and Rose and Black Pepper Dark Chocolate.

‘Kaleido Splatt’ (the salt and lime treat) is a reactive plethora of vigorous ripples of colour that swarm the late arrival to the COCO family. ‘Edinburgh Toile’ (rose and pepper) stands with finesse and antiquity. A traditional narrative of toile de jouy and part of the Timorous Beasties’ ‘Toiles’ series, it takes us people watching through the sun stained mews of Edinburgh.

The two Scottish brands COCO and Timorous Beasties share a vision of small-batch good quality products that are unique in their form and production and not like anything else in their industry. 

These beautiful and edible items of culture were launched on the 18th January 2020 and are available on the COCO website:

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