Colours’ Powers

By Yasmin Ayture

For some people, their favourite colour may be yellow, but they do not know why: subliminally, the colour represents something, but whether this is positivity, hope, sunshine, or perhaps a personal and distant memory, it’s difficult to articulate. Colours are associated with meanings that their own uniqueness creates. Perhaps this is because colours do not ‘do’, they enhance other things or moments. Colours are also often used to indicate, red is Danger, green is Go, like an international language, colour has power and can be utilised to speak to us without words. SwearBy Skin LookLit LED Mask utilises the language of colour to shine. Their LED Light therapy mask adopts three settings harnessing the colours of red, blue and yellow to transform and light up the skin in unique ways, read more in Powers’ Colours.

The advanced technology that sits behind these light capabilities is designed to enhance skin luminosity and be used over time to gradually change the skin’s natural healing strength and make it glow.

As technology now enables us to have access to skincare and other beauty products from home instead of venturing out and paying expensive prices for each treatment, we can take better care of ourselves, including our skin. SwearBy Skin’s LED Mask is also wireless, so on top of being at home, it is also fully portable so it can be used even when you’re busy and moving around.

The power of red, symbolic of beauty and mystery as well as of anger and boldness, bridging two elements together in its elegant, firm, and striking self. This confident colour wakes up the production of collagen and elastin in the skin when the red setting is applied, helping to reduce fine lines and plump the skin, calming inflammation with its strength and striking power.

Blue is the LED Mask mask setting that brings in calmness and subtle majesty to target breakouts and acne, reducing oil and acne-causing bacteria and cooling the skin to clear blemishes and scars. The settings can be chosen of course according to the features of the skin which you most want to target, personalising the experience to harmonise the very best of colours’ powers.

Yellow: sunshine for some and an enigmatic sunset for others, it is perhaps the colour that speaks to us the clearest, with its bright and warm glowing energy, yet also manages to remain on a spectrum of meaning and of light. This colour setting blasts toxins away and boosts lymphatic flow, encouraging cell production and reducing redness and pigmentation with its glorious rays.

LED masks are fantastic ways to enhance and improve the vitality, health, and plump glowing appearance of skin and this is now well-known. However, exactly how to get the best results from them remains to be greatly understood. The power that lays behind the lights can be enhanced even further by following the right pre-and post-treatment routine and cleanse.

Exfoliating and cleansing the skin before switching on the lights of the LED mask are a well-known first step but knowing what cream to slather on next is a lesser- known skin secret. The application of any treatment will work harder than usual when applied in conjunction with LED colours’ powers, but a thin serum is optimum when using light therapy.

Particularly, lightweight hyaluronic-based serum is best to give a youthful-looking glow, and serums with Vitamins in such as B, C and E are excellent choices too, the key thing is making sure that the serum is thin.

Colours are international, we don’t need words and are a perfect way to find your way around, whether it be a place or a product. If you enjoyed reading Colours’ Powers, why not read Scented Playful Sinners.

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