Come on, Kombucha!

By Gaurav Gujar

If you are into skincare and healthy lifestyle practices, then it’s pretty likely you have heard of Kombucha. Originated in China around 2000 years ago and then spread across Japan and Russia, making its way all across the globe today with all its health benefits and natural goodness; in the last decade, we have seen its popularity rise and rise. Read to know more Come on, Kombucha!

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Kombucha is a fizzy fermented drink made with black or green tea using specific strains of bacteria, yeast and sugar. Aesthetically, sure it isn’t that appealing, but my oh my, it has got so may health benefits. As the fermentation process completes, the cloudy mesh-like layer on top makes people call it ‘mushroom tea’.

Traditionally, Kombucha is consumed just like any other cold tea and it is a rich source of probiotics and antioxidants; aiding us with a healthy gut. Other advantages can consist of having anti-bacterial properties, reducing heart disease risks, helping with hair loss, losing weight, keeping blood pressure in check and boosting immunity.

Lately, having a healthy gut has been directly linked to many skin-related benefits and its impact on overall skin. Whether its acne, eczema or rosacea; studies have suggested if an individual has a healthy gut such skin problems are less likely to occur.

In last two decades or so, Kombucha has become a household name for so many but it just recently found its way into skincare and beauty products as a natural super ingredient.

Its high antioxidant properties, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2-B6-B12 complexes and anti-inflammatory attributes make it a worthy entrant to the market. And yes, it does help with coping with premature ageing too. Lightly exfoliates to brighten and give an even skin tone.

Fresh skincare brand, now offers a limited edition Kombucha facial treatment essence which promises anti-pollution, smoothening and boosting luminosity of skin; qualities.

This product is made with fermented black tea with amalgamation of natural acids and vitamins to deactivate pollutants and protect skin from free radicals. This aqueous formula with hints of rose water and citrus notes truly refreshes your skin and gives a glow. With traditional studies and French finesse, this brand does look promising.

To know more about the brand and product, read here.

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