By Millie Winter

For some, one of the greatest longings of the human psyche is the urge to create. The ‘taste’ you take in as you indulge in your imaginative experience is one many artists can fall in love with. The allure of such creations may be shared with the masses or kept in a box under your bed. The beauty of art and creativity is you get to decide its fate. Confidential introduces a craftsman that doesn’t give away his sacred tricks.

Creativity can provide an intimate experience for the wondering brain. The process of creating a work of art can take many different forms and affairs.

An interlude to a song you have been creating with unique guitar melodies combined with the lyrics in your journal. The stroke of your brush connects the deep pinks of the sunset with an aqua blue you have never quite seen before. Your hands perfectly mould an abstract mug shape that will fit the grasp of your partners’ hands ergonomically. The last few chapters of your story end with an unexpected twist and you have created a seemingly not so happy ending that flows so well.

Or it could be…the addition of a metallic shoulder pad completes the modernist jumpsuit you have been sewing for ages. A dark shimmer laying across the eyelids of your client before the lights reflect on the beautiful makeup look that you have created to hit the stage. The nose of a perfumer seeks out the exact liquid emotion through the spirits of scent. Crafting the perfect smell is one of the creative pursuits of Orto Parisi perfumery, that has transcended for each of the wearers to discover their own meaning

Some creatives explicitly talk of their process while others tend to be a little more mysterious. Meet a craftsman that doesn’t give away his tricks, Alessandro Gualtier. 

A master perfumer, Gualtier decided to venture from working for major brands such as Fendi and Versace, and took his skills to create his own perfumery, ‘Orto Parisi’. The manifesto behind the brand holds our sensory perceptions in high regard,

“This project is my garden I have planted, fertilized, cultivated, and harvested. Orto Parisi states that our body is experienced like a garden, and its smells are a true mirror of our soul.” 

His craftsmanship of niche perfumes holds some secrecy, as the notes of each bottle are not named for the consumer. In his latest release, ‘Cuoium’, we are only given a brief framework of the scent. 

“Cuoium is an embodiment of love and respect towards natural materials – a manifestation of the legacy of leather. An essence that becomes an alchemical armour. A vision of a universe that flourishes in harmony and worships caretaking to secure longevity.” 

As the spritz of it hits our skin, our senses are alive with wonder. These mysterious notes lie within the bottle wrapped in a dense leather sleeve, which doesn’t easily give up their secrets but truly entice.

You are hit immediately with the true sense of deep-seated leather. Following this initial hit, be drawn deeper in with the perceived facets of smoky rare oud and wood with animalistic undertones. It softens to reveal something slightly sweet, could it be vanilla?

The mystery lies in our own discovery. For each body it touches, the individual perceives the unique scents for themselves. The journey to solve the mystery excites the consumer. Do they really need to know what is inside this elixir or is joining and being part of it enough?

As a craftsman with the most delicate of touch, we may well understand his desire to keep his perfume ingredients close to your heart.

The ode to treasuring such origins can be admired through the leather structured coat hugging the pristine glass bottle. Cuoium’s odours excite our senses to ignite courage and willpower while at the same time surrounded by an enthralling air of mystery.

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