By Melinda Aissani

Think about something practical, that you can put in your pockets easily. Well, only a few things can fit such as a smartphone, a wallet, a pen- something common and useful. But how about a fragrance? Having it in your pocket for every occasion can be a lovely little treat. An elegant companion on your way. Meet, Convoy, a solid portable perfume for gents. It’s name is inspired by the Latin word ‘conviare’ a simple idea that embodies the idea to accompany someone on a path.

Founded by Charn Aujla, the Convoy brand is an unusual, forward-thinking fragrance brand. The brand’s concept is to be practical, useful, minimalist, and compact. This solid form of perfume is a high-performance ‘waxed’ fragrance for men. it offers the capacity to use it anytime and anywhere. Designed purposefully, to fit into your hand, your pocket, or your bag, it offers the capacity to use it anytime and anywhere. 

Image by Charn Aujla

The brand is an independent fragrance house launched in 2022, based in London, United Kingdom. Developed and manufactured with word-class fragrance specialists and perfumers from Grasse, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region of France, called the world perfume capital. But that’s not all, the case is designed with precisions cut and engineered to last. Having a desire to create the most powerful solid fragrances, which reflect strong masculinity features.

Photographs by Abi Perkins

Convoy’s existing collection consists of using the highest perfume concentration levels so that the Fragrances are intense and can last longer. The authenticity is based on premium-grade ingredients. The fragrances are alcohol-free and re-fillable and all encased within an ultra-portable, re-fillable and custom-made metal vessel. All issued in a box set. The box set is composed of a solid fragrance and a case pouch, packaged in a gift box.

Photographs by Abi Perkins

The product line concentrated on three fragrances and focuses on masculine tones.

The first one Merlin, an oceanic accord tone which resonates through the fragrance to provide a refreshing and intensely marine-inspired scent. Composed of herbaceous notes with a sandalwood heart. Completed with Patchouli and moss which add a musky-earthy aroma.

Next up, is Lancer, a smooth and sophisticated scent formulated on a base of amber, moss notes and cedarwood composed with a woody undertone; it takes its inspiration from the classic and timeless Fougere.

And finally, Phantom, an exotic, seductive fragrance. Composed of pink pepper, nutmeg and soft tones such as vanilla, amber and sandalwood. It contributes to having a fresh and sharp grapefruit scent, mixed with bergamot and mandarin notes. This brings a spiced smell, ideal for evenings & nights.

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