CORE: Cardboard Acquaintance

By Jo Phillips

How acquainted are you with card board; Did you know it’s being called upon to assemble functioning gadgets? Appliances we rely on daily have been revamped and given an eco-conscious twist, yet never forgetting there quirky roots also reach out to all creative hearts. With over 14 billion pounds of rubbish being dumped into the ocean annually, the majority plastic and around 100 tonnes of waste being put into landfill in the UK yearly -the number of businesses utilizing cardboard to erect trendy and effective gadgets is slowly increasing to defeat this staggering global statistic. Now, allow me to reintroduce you to Cardboard.

A nostalgic idea resurrected with a new design, the Viddy DIY Pinhold Camera is made from tough, durable and recycled card. The easy to build camera is crafted from a hand screen-printed kit, containing split pins and pop out pieces. With just glue and an old school film anyone can experiment and understand the inner workings of a camera. An epic device for creative types, an environmentally friendly creation, a memorable way to make memories—the Viddy Pinhold Camera blesses you with it all.

The world’s first cardboard vacuum cleaner is the brainchild of industrial student Jake Tyler, supported by Vax’s new product design team. The EV is constructed from recycled and recyclable materials that reduce the burden on landfill, is flame retardant, fully customisable and has a water resistant coating.  Currently existing as only a working prototype, the Vax EV could become an actual product in the next few years with trials soon underway.


Named after the city in which it was conceived, the Berlin Boombox is another wonderfully eccentric device. Made from recycled cardboard and only containing a small portion of plastic and electronic waste, it is compatible with every smart phone and mp3 player. The Berlin Boombox’s designer Axel Pfaender, combined his two passions of music and design to create this sustainable and efficient mobile speaker; deriving inspiration from old school ghetto blasters of the 1980’s.



No man-cave is complete without a foosball table but if saving space and money is a necessity, Kickpack have designed the Kartoni Foosball Table that utilizes 100% renewable raw materials for its construction. Folding flat for easy storage, the Kartoni comes with a built-in speaker that connects to any MP3 player and is customizable for every user’s individual taste.

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