CORE: Visual Communication

By Shannon Brien

Illustration has no communication barriers. It is a platform in which people of all ages and cultures can be informed.

David McCandless explores the use of graphics and data visualisation to explain issues. In his blog and book, Information is Beautiful, the author, data journalist and information designer, presents various issues, ideas and points of interest in a way which is visually appealing and easy to understand whether its concerning food or science.

Nigel Peake, architect turned illustrator, uses his craft as a means to deconstruct an idea and begin to comprehend it. His latest work, ‘Cycling Climbs’ displays drawings of twenty cycling climbs throughout Europe, USA and South America with words by Claire Beaumont, cyclist and brand manager at Condor Cycles.

Cycling Climbs_Front

Each drawing is accompanied by a description of the climb, notorious stories relating to it and tips on how to master the climb yourself. These tales of the bike trails aren’t a walk in the park but a mostly up hill battle, which shouldn’t be attempted by the faint hearted. Fortunately you don’t have to ascend the trails in order to appreciate the views, these drawings are detachable and can fit into an 11 x 14 inch frame

Cycling Climbs_Posters_1

Other works by Peakes include ‘Bridges’ a book about the 34 crossings of the Thames and ‘In the Dark’, a story who is afraid of the dark. These books are indicative of his illustrious style.

‘Cycling Climbs’ will be available in March.



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