Cover: In Case you didn’t know…

By Jo Phillips

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If like me you are forever dropping, knocking and leaving your iPhone lying around you will know that it is imperative to have a phone cover. Add to that the slightly annoying fact that there is no longer a black iPhone 5  option it is probably fair to say that my phone does not look at it’s chicest.  I have never been a fan of the white iPhone and was pretty horrified when they showed me the range of colours available in the shop. That said, I love my phone and I have recently discovered a Swedish company called The Case Factory to solve both problems. They make hand crafted exclusive leather cases and covers for smart phones and tablets that are both fashion focused and practical.

What sets The Case Factory  ahead of the pack is that they work on two trend focused collections a year and within these they review colour, texture and patterns on shoes and bags of  the international leading fashion house.  Their cases are produced with leather from the best tanneries in Italy, including their own family-owned tannery. Together, these tanneries supply leather to companies such as Prada, Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Tod’s and Chanel amongst others so you know the quality is excellent.

It is definitely worth checking out their line and if you are interested in some other case check these recommendations out too:

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