Cover: Shield your face with these SPF protectors

By Jo Phillips

The skin on your face works particularly hard, every single day of the year.  Mainly against pollution, UV rays, ageing, trying to keep a serene face and not frown at the summer smells on the tube (you know what I mean if you frequent the underground – and actually any metro system across the world’s most fabulous cities).  There’s no getting away from it, you need to protect your skin every single day of the year.

Thanks to the clever inventors behind our skincare staples, a whole host of daily moisturisers combined with Sun Protection Factor’s (SPF) are on the market – within every shop and for all budgets, leaving the hardest bit to us – ie remembering to moisturise.  Ideally you’re going to need one with a high SPF number – so try to reach out for those with at least an SPF 15 and up.

The SPF given with a product – be it moisturiser or suncare – is the measure of a product’s ability to protect your skin during sun exposure.  According to dermatologists, some 80% of premature skin ageing is due to UVA exposure, so it makes sense to protect it. Or at least start…

Cent - SPF Moisturisers

Luxe brand Eve Lom has just released their own version of the urban face armour with the arrival of their Daily Protection +SPF50.  As well as protecting against those damaging UVA’s and UVB rays, the new SPF cream also brightens, and regenerates the complexion  thanks to its key ingredient of Niacinamide, as well as Paracress to firm and lift the skin, not to mention vitamins C and E and PA++++ to actively protect against environmental stresses and prevent ageing.

Then there’s Algenist’s regenerative anti-aging moisturiser with SPF 20.  Formulated with their unique ingredient alguronic acid, this is a rich and nourishing moisturiser which also helps to minimise pores and fine lines as well as sun protection.  This particular cream is exclusive to Space NK.

Dermalogica is one of the go-to brands in skincare, especially with their Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 cream.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re not old enough for the SmartAge skincare range – the tag is a small reminder to be thinking smart.   The cream is light and effective at preventing harmful rays from getting to your skin.

For oilier skin types, the Photo Plasma cream from Perricone MD is both luxurious in texture and lightweight, creating an invisible shield against environmental aggressors and guards against UVA and UVB damage.  With SPF of 30, it leaves skin soft, hydrated and radiant thanks to its antioxidant-rich ingredients Alpha Lipoic acid and Astaxanthin.

If you have more of a sensitive disposition, then the Skinceuticals UV Mineral Defense SPF50, is the choice for you.  Leaving a matte finish without upsetting the delicate PH balance, yet still offering a very high coverage with extremely effective mineral filters.

A Lister’s favourite, Just Skin tinted moisturiser from Chantecaille may not be a new launch, but it’s certainly an effective one at combatting UV damage thanks to their three-in-one formula derived from Japanese technology and featuring an SPF of 15.

Whilst last but not least, the brand new launch from L’Oréal Paris – their Revitalift Day Cream with SPF 30 – is one for all budgets.  Featuring L’Oréal’s unique ingredient Elasti-Flex to help enrich and firm the skin and the Pro-Retinol A+ gets to work on reducing wrinkles.

All of that activity in one little pot or tube; seems a crime not be skin smart.

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