Cover: Take Cover in these Urban Gardens

By Jo Phillips

Now that the weather has (finally) taken a turn for the better and the Sun has his hat on, you might feel it necessary to take some shade and rest whilst your body gets used to the influx of vitamin D coming through.

You may think this impossible to do safely in the urban monolith that is London especially when some 50 areas are considered to have air pollution levels above the safety regulations and that only 21% is covered in trees – not a lot when you remember just how many of us (some 8.3 million people at the last count according to the ONS) live, eat, sleep and breathe in this city, yet we have found not one, but Two perfect places for you to take cover in this summer.

Cent - Chanel Butterfly Garden

Discover CHANEL’s stunning Butterfly Garden (#chanelgarden) within the hallowed halls of Selfridges.  Created exclusively for The Beauty Project, the CHANEL Butterfly Garden is sure to be a magnet for beauty addicts during its pop-up period (from now till 18th June 2014).

Celebrating all things summer and CHANEL, discover trees fluttering with butterfly-leaves in an abundance of delicate peaches, lustrous greens and soft pinks, (cleverly the same as the shades of the Chance fragrance collection),  or relax on a garden swing when you have a complimentary makeover by the House’s team of makeup experts.  If you get down there on a Wednesday night you’ll even find yourself able to have a manicure by one of CHANEL’s esteemed nail technicians.

Alternatively if it is the great outdoors you are seeking, why not head towards Eagle Pond in Clapham Common and enjoy the brand new space created by Origins and Trees for Cities as part of their joint mission to help create a greener London.

Some 497 trees and shrubs – including the low canopy species such as dogwood, hazel, blackthorn and spindle varieties – were planted as well as 3 bespoke benches for r and r were created from the campaign.  For the nature lovers amongst us, you’ll be pleased to know that the project even added in a special hibernaculum close to the edge of Eagle Pond, to provide an additional safe haven for small animals and insects seeking refuge during hibernation season.

If you fancy getting involved with Trees for Cities, then contact  

Gardens will not feel the same again.

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