Cover: Temporary Cosmetic cover ups

By Jo Phillips

If you walk around any major city in most European countries and specific parts of New York (Williamsburg) these days, sure as eggs is eggs, that you will find areas where hipsters preside; inked up, different eye colours to what you would expect on first impressions, and definitely a fair amount of facial hair on the male contingent.  Be it a direct result from trying to emulate the popstrels in the public eye, or quirky street trends filtering through social media sites quicker than you can spread the butter on your toast, sartorial trends are becoming very quick to replicate and duplicate across the globe.So what happens if you fancy some ink on your body, but not necessarily for forever?  Or if you want a new eye colour and shape but definitely not tempted to go under the knife as per the surgery obsessed Brazilians and Koreans…  Think that you left temporary transfer tattoos back in your youth?  Start re-thinking those thoughts, for we’re going to show you some of the fantastic new ranges available on the high street which are more realistic than you’d imagine possible and you might get covering yourself up quicker than it takes to say sclera lenses.

Cent- Inkwear - tattoos

Contemporary tattoo company  Inkwear has some of the BEST quality designs we have seen in a long time, so we got in touch with Adam – the man behind the brand -to find out a bit more and remind us how to get these on ourselves.  “When handed some ‘WWF Undertaker’ tattoos whilst producing a TV show in Ibiza we realised that transfer tattoos haven’t changed in the last 30 years, although the fashion and social scene is now worlds apart, and thus, Inkwear was born.  For the past 3 years, we’ve developed a huge range of contemporary designs and motifs to reinvigorate transfer tattoos in an adult market.  We use materials advanced enough for the tattoos to last a solid 72 + hours so you can have a new tattoo on the Friday – show it off until the Monday morning and return back to your office persona, if you so wish.”

Cent - Inkwear - Tattoo

We tested out some of the designs in the office and they truly are a doddle to apply, and somewhat more realistic than some REAL designs we’ve seen on others!  Simply choose your design (or you can now design your own ink) cut around the edges as close as possible.  Remove the plastic coating, apply to the area of skin you wish to cover, and then soak with a wet sponge or cloth for 30 – 45 seconds and then pull away.  If you want to add an extra touch of authenticity you can apply some loose powder over the tattoo and give it that “under the skin” effect that genuine tattoos have.

Cent - Mesmereyz - Sclera

You might want to go one step further and cover over your normal iris colour with some contact lenses.  We are in love with these dark Sclera designs from Mesmereyez lenses, for the strangely beautiful effect they give our eyes.

Cent - sclera

Scleras are different to normal contact lenses in that the shape is more or less the entire size of the eye, and so they are a bit trickier to apply than the smaller contact lens, but look SO awesome once they’re in.  We’re loving the fully black designs for the futuristic element they gave our faces once in. There are literally hundreds of types and colours to choose from as well as more fun and theatrical styles such as cyborg and UV designs which you can have fun with.

The only thing limiting you, is you!

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