Cover: The Human Factor

By Angelina Puschkarski

Rachel Harrison - Jack Lemmon, 2011
Rachel Harrison – Jack Lemmon, 2011

The ‘Human Factor’, a show that’ll bring together works by 25 international leading artists from June 16th until September 7th to the Southbank Centre, is about the body and how we represent the ‘human’ today.

The show focuses on sculpture that explores a variety of social, political, cultural and historical concerns and incorporates diverse references ranging from science fiction to war monuments, from popular photography to art history.

Jeff Koons, Bear and Policeman, 1988
Jeff Koons,
Bear and Policeman, 1988

From historical and political figures such as Adolf Hitler, John F. Kennedy or Jesus to hauntingly familiar archetypes and enigmatic symbols of consumer culture – the exhibition shows the human body as a kind of rhetorical figure, a means for staging and exploring the ways that our society constructs identities, social positions and values.

For more information please visit the Hayward Gallery’s website here.


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