Crafted with Care

By Jo Phillips

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Collected by our Guest Editor Franics Kurkdijian, our current issue Nuance has a broad spectrum of articles. This piece in particular showcases the brands focusing on the artisan approach to craft. Kurkdijian has found two particular gems known for the unique craftsmanship put into their brands, Alex Munoz and Phillip Kauffmann. Francis himself, has the same approach in the way he creates perfume and has created his iconic name within the perfumery industry.

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Francis, Alex and Phillip have all rejected the consumerist way of the world we live in now and created something truly genuine and authentic to their craftsmanship. It is inspiring to see new companies emerging not just following the crowd and going along with the mainstream line of business, but actually looking into crafting products for the consumer. This also gives their brands a level of intimacy with the customer not found in huge corporate establishments.

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Just from this beautiful selection of images, there is a real sense of the heart and humanity to the way these companies operate. For more, check out the full post here with full quotes from the artisans themselves.

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