Art at Home?

By Jo Phillips

A few weeks ago when lockdown first started it is fair to say the creatives out there in virtual land, started very quickly to come up with ideas that would entertain us and make us smile. We particularly loved the Getty Museum’s idea of creating art at home, which then spread globally from there on Twitter and Instagram with lots of museums and galleries getting involved. The idea was to take an iconic image form the gallery and recreate it in modern-day in your own home.
Lawrence Chiles of the Nationa Gallery came up with the idea of setting their staff this challenge.

Lawrence Chiles, National Gallery Head of Digital Services says: “We are always looking to find ways for audiences to connect with the collection and the painting re-creations was such an immediate way of doing that. We were inspired by individuals and organisations around the world and only felt right that the National Gallery staff should participate and get involved. It was a fun way to join in and a simple way. 

These are paintings the staff work with or see every day as part of their daily jobs and we’re all missing that connection. Re-creating the works like this does make you look at how they are constructed and it certainly made everyone think creatively to find the right props.”

The National Gallery

Join in the fun and then post on Twitter @NationalGallery with the hashtags #betweenartandquarantine and #artathome. If you enjoyed this create art at home feature why not read this piece a pop-art take on scent

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