Created Scent

By Jo Phillips

The rise of the artisan perfumes is constantly evolving. This craftsman approach to creating scents is hugely popular. In a sea of commercial over-produced scents, the significance can be lost and forgotten. New faces on the scene have contributed their thoughts on why being artisan is so important to them.

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On the same trend of new perfumes on the market, here is a sneak peak of our Perfume shoot containing scents from independent and artisan scent creators.


L-R  Figue Noire Perfume Angela Flanders, London 
An exotic Floral Oriental with fig notes and a dark and sensual base.
Orris Florentina Bella Bellissima 
Delicate and subtle with an extract of Tuscan iris makes this a mysterious scent.
Exquisite Bella Bellissima 
A luxurious bouquet of florals and woods. 
Goddess Of Love & Perfume 4160 Tuesday
Luxurious and creamy floral chypre. 

Creative Director – Jo Phillips
Photography – Jeremy Coleman
Assisted by Rebecca McNelly-Tilford

To see the full shoot, click here containing numerous other scents on the market. Also for the full “Being Artisan” story containing full quotes and many more quotes from creators within the perfumery industry click here.

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