Dancing Home

By Mingye Zhu

When we review our present life, it is not surprising to find our daily routine during quarantine is quite a simple life; from bed to laptop and from supermarket to sweet safe home. Maybe some of you even gained a little weight? Probably because we are not allowed to go to the gym anymore or exercise outside in groups as we did before. From 2020 to now it has been hard for many in our world. Alongside the multiple difficulties, we are all facing, some of us may well ask where did this small belly come from? But now there is a chance to bring a more simple yet more fun and engaging type of exercise into your home, maybe it is the time for you to find your inner ballet dancer? If you are ready, here are some suggestions for you in Dancing Home.

As an example, The English National Ballet is giving audiences the opportunity to start the journey of learning ballet during lockdown from their own homes. This is such a great chance to begin if you have never danced ballet before, doing it in the privacy of your own home. The class ‘Beginners Ballet’ allows you to learn basic ballet moves such as the core positions and at the same time build up ballet muscle, whilst there is another class for those with some knowledge already in ballet techniques to be able to dance a little piece of classic ballet.

Maybe only doing ballet is not enough for fitness lovers to keep their figures in trim and target specific muscles. Mary Helen Bowers is out there for you then. Lean legs, strong arms, core workouts combined with polished arm and leg lifting, Bowers defines fitness more gorgeously,  with ballet beautiful exercises.

Of course, dressing in a ballet style may also help. Candice Swanepoel, a previous Victoria’s angel, has launched a sustainable gym clothesline in a ballet style within her own brand Tropic of C. There you can find classic ballet training skirts and bodysuits that are often seen in dance classes. 

After a day’s work from home, some vintage films may well provide a gentle mental cure for your tired brain. So if doing the ballet classes is just not quite right for you what about a dance film instead. For example, Cyd Charisse in Silk stockings is a great watch.

If you prefer classical music and ballerinas in glamorous tutus, here is another recommendation: Clairemarie Osta in Emeralds, with wonderful green costumes designed by Parisian couture designer Christian Lacroix. It’s such a romantic and hedonistic combination of ballet and fashion.

And if that doesn’t appeal what about a nice book on ballet? Before falling asleep, how about a book on ballet paintings to inspire your dreams? ‘Degas, Painter of Ballerinas’ written by Susan Goldman Robin is a wonderful visual recommendation. Looking at the artworks by the master capturing the moment of ballerinas dancing is a classic within the art world.

Whilst our lives to so constricted it’s wonderful to find new avenues to explore whether they be physical or mental or both? But maybe it is time for you to point your toes, open your arms, and dance. 

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