‘Dardelica’ Has Arrived

By Jo Phillips

Johny Dar’s debut single ‘Game On’ is here, and it could be your new addiction. The track is catchy, motivating, and sure to make you start dancing. The lyrics empower listeners to not be victims of circumstance but to remember it is their choice to ‘live it up’ rather than succumb to the challenges they may face ‘on the road’. ‘Game On’ fuses playful, electronic sounds and ‘alien rap’, a new musical language created by Johny’s unique vocals. The ‘alien’ influences gesture to an expanded sense of reality to remind listeners to have an alternate perspective on life. ‘Game on’ is fresh, exciting, and a taste of what you can expect when the full album, ‘Dardelica’, drops later this year.

Dardelica Album CoverJohny Dar is not only a musician, but he is also an artist and designer whose work has earned him international acclaim across a range of industries. Dar offers his audience a unique perspective on life through fashion, art, multimedia, and more. His passion for originality and creativity is evident in many aspects of his work, including his upcoming album, ‘Dardelica’.

JD alien rapper 01c _web

So go ahead and give ‘Game On’ a listen, and be ready to ‘live it up’!


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