De La Soul’s ‘the Anonymous Nobody’

By Jo Phillips

Did you ever have the coloured vinyl version of 3 Feet high and rising…did you play it non stop…Iconic is not the word.


So for those that know De La Soul’s creative genius, their nomination for best rap album of the year, this February at the Grammy’s, is one to root for. ‘the Anonymous Nobody’ is their first album to be released as a complete trio, in 12 years. The album still harks back to De La Soul’s typical deadpan humour and smooth soulful beats, however it also makes for powerful listening and thought provoking rhymes.  ‘the Anonymous Nobody’ re-enforces De La Soul’s enduring presence in hip-hop and if they were to win the Grammy’s ‘best rap album of the year’, it no doubt shows the appreciation of hip-hop maturing yet remaining contemporary.

There are also some unexpected collaborations on the Album such as Little Dragon and of course the iconic Snoop Dogg and 2 Chainz. While it’s been debated by critics as to the success of the Album and whether the  multiple collaborations bring only good things to the table, it can’t be questioned that the Album makes for great listening and is a clear reflection of how De La Soul are working now and the progression they’ve made from their much acclaimed first album, ‘3 feet high and rising’.


For watching De La Soul live, make sure to get a ticket for their UK tour starting in February going through to March. To listen to their whole new album go here. 

Unless your feeling their early days sound, listen to their Debut album ‘3 Feet High and Rising’, here.

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