Dear Everyone

By Sally Blodgett

The best fashion moments are always the ones that push the boundaries of what we’ve always thought of fashion to be.  Think of statement pieces unlike anything ever done before or shows for a new line using unorthodox methods of presenting the clothing.  Some fashion moments are groundbreaking though because of the collaborators that bring together different industries beyond just fashion.  German logistics and shipping company DHL took its first step into the fashion industry in 2015 and now they are releasing a limited-edition shoe in collaboration with South African fashion brand, Veldskoen. Read more below in Dear Everyone.

The DHLxVeldskoen shoe, titled ‘Dear Everyone’, release represented more than just a collaboration between the companies.  It was about celebrating the culmination of years of hard work through setbacks because of the pandemic.  It was about recognizing the impact that a large global company working with a South African shoe brand will have on the fashion industry.

“We have won the cosmic lottery in being on this Earth” is what Veldskoen co-founder Nick Dreyer said when introducing the shoe drop; a tribute to the the celebration of life and humanity that the shoe represents.

DHL is a German logistics company most known for its delivery of a billion parcels a year around the world.  However, the company also participates in the high-speed fashion industry by helping designers and retailers put together the biggest events in fashion.  Even more recently though, DHL has stepped directly into the industry by collaborating with brands like Vetements in 2016, Budapester in 2019, and now Veldskoen.  These collaborations allow the global company to promote designers, sponsor awards, and encourage sustainability in fashion.

Veldskoen is a South African brand that started in 2016 and has grown into a global brand with retailers in 32 countries.  The visionaries behind Veldskoen are best friends Nick Dreyer and Ross Zondagh who wanted to make a stylish twist on a classic South African shoe.  Today the Veldskoen shoes are known for their colorful soles and laces.

The DHLxVeldskoen campaign, ‘Dear Everyone’ evolved throughout the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The concept behind the campaign came to the conclusion that we are all of the same, hence why they created a design for both ‘everyone’ and ‘every one’.

Bright, colorful, unexpected, surprising; all words that describe the new shoes from DHL and Veldskoen.  The ‘Dear Everyone’ shoes are an exciting twist on the classic Veldskoen look featuring bright red and yellow soles, red laces, and side panels featuring a mural created by South African artist Reggie Kumalo.  The design of the shoes celebrates South African culture and gives South African fashion a platform on a global scale.

The shoe drop was celebrated with a party unveiling the shoe in London’s West End on March 17th. It featured speeches by Meghan Collincos, Vice President of Marketing for DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa and Nick Dreyer, co-founder of Veldskoen shoes. The gathering was the culmination of years of hard work and an appreciation for the surprising and exciting collaboration between DHL and Veldskoen.

The DHLxVeldskoen shoe collaboration is a limited drop with only 365 pairs available for purchase through a shoe drop lottery system.  The deadline to enter the lottery is April 15th.

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