Decorate: A Story of Embellishment with Moleta Munro

By Adrien Communier

Moleta Munro is a UK furniture company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Inspired by the minimalism of Scandinavian designs, Moleta Munro’s showroom is specialized into displaying the best brands European design has to offer. In their Edinburgh showroom, they are showcasing innovative brands such as Fritz Hansen, Asplund and Zanotta.

At .Cent we have always been huge fans of colorful and original design and this month’s theme being Decorate, we thought we might picked out some of the most interesting products Moleta Munro is showcasing on their website and at their showroom.

Everybody needs a coffee table to enjoy a drink at home and the Palette Lounge Table is the perfect design to do such a thing. Made by &Tradition, this table is a sculptural design that balances geometric shapes with luxurious surfaces to provide a functional and smart table.

It is a fact, color is everywhere this spring. From yellow to greenish tones, fashion and design made no exception to use bright shades. That is also why we felt in love with this series of colorful lamps by Wästberg. The Swedish brand used recycled aluminum to create those interesting pendant lamps that come in a seven-color palette.

Moleta Munro also offers an interesting range of couches and we definitely have our eyes on the yellow Mayor Sofa by &Tradition because it might be perfect for a short post-lunch nap at .Cent office!

To discover Moleta Munro’s range of furniture and design with prices, please click here.


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