Decorate: Bob Dylan Playbook – Make Yourself Decorative

By Jo Phillips

What does it mean to decorate? The first thing that would spring to mind is re-decorating your home with a little DIY because spring has approached, and the idea of a new project is always exciting. Being creatives here at Cent, we have come up with ways of re-defining the word Decorate in a new and innovative way.

In honour of one of the greatest folk musicians of the 60’s and to mark his milestone 75th birthday on May, an adult collectors creative book dedicated to the career of Bob Dylan’s life has been released. The play book can be something to do in your spare time or something to incorporate in to your daily routine.

This may be surprising to some but it has been said that colouring helps adults de-stress and self-express. Colouring has been said to be able to help achieve mindfulness, banish anxiety and deal with trauma. Bob Dylan’s play book will be your own form of sanity, think of it as a psychological nirvana.

Dylan was a part of a great movement that shaped the 60’s as he expressed his opinions and influenced the majority of the young generation at the time. A pivotal era where the world saw Jim Crow laws smashed  (the laws enacted in the 1880s, that legalized segregation between blacks and whites) and Martin Luther King deliver a speech that moved the world.

A musician in today’s society who has inspired this generation, is without a doubt Kendrick Lamar. Much like Bob Dylan, Kendrick is influential, and has the ability to change his style to suit the social issues that happen in society. A true voice of the people, Kendrick Lamar says what he feels but also what others are thinking as well.

So, what does Bob Dylan’s colouring book mean for people who are influenced by him? It will help get away from your digitized lifestyle and if you are creative, it may help to inspire creativity. It comes out in June, but you can pre-order it. Adult colouring books are Amazon’s best seller lists and are becoming more recognized.

Making your way through this innovative colouring book, you will discover how Bob Dylan’s style has repeatedly changed over the years, juggling his image with ease and overthrowing the dominant social and visual trend each time.

Be sure to check out the play book and get creative.

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