Decorate: Fringe fashion

By Jo Phillips

Love a bit of fringing?  or even a little cowboy styling?  Or what about loving a bargain?  Maybe you love the idea of a bit of western styling but the actual idea of sitting on a horse is just a step too far? Well thankfully the Western styling that is often in fashion (defiantly at the moment) means you can go there without ever having to actually sit or even ride a horse!

So the simplest of ways to gat any kind of styling trend without having to be a total slave to fashion is to work a trend via your footwear.  In this case a little bit of  fringing on a boot can be very successful.


Little details on top of that for an authentic feel can be stacked heels (small lines of wood effect that build the heel) and use of suede or leather on the top part of the boot or even bootie.


If fringing really isn’t your thing then you can try the buckle best detailing instead.  Another of the key western styling to use for a getting on a horse without getting on a horse look!


Even better than that is when you can find a boot styled this way in the sale! Yes fashion on trend and at a reduced price!

So if this has caught your imagination then check out the boots on sale here at the very English of brands Jones the Bootmaker, as these buys will of course last more than one trip around the rodeo! oh and if you hate western styling they do of course have other things

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