Decorate: Knickers!

By Jo Phillips

Ok yes we have to go there…Do your knickers smell nice??  Ok lets be a bit nicer; Do your knickers smell nice when you open your knicker draw?  Do they have the faint waft of washing power and fabric softener or by the time you get to actually wear them has the synthetic smell worn off?

Worry not, new perfume brand IDEO have the most elegant of solutions for you. Luxury Lingerie and Bikini Perfumes….yes you read that right.  Actually lets be serious for one moment here.

If you are following this seasons’ big trend, that of underwear as outerwear and you have seriously spent somewhere in the region of £600 to £800 on some silky delicates then there is no point in spraying your outerwear (when spraying yourself) with your favourite scent. They are not helpful for clothes or even hair for that matter, obviously as the make up of our skin differs drastically from that of hair and clothes.  Has that somewhat wiped that smutty smirk off your face and are you taking this a little bit more seriously?

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 17.27.37 copy

All in one Lace V neck body by La Mania at Matches Fashion

Hence,the difference in skin to all else is the proliferation of fragranced products for hair, for clothes and now specifically for the most intimate of our apparel..our delicates.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 17.31.41 copy
Floral bra top and knickers from Etro Runway collection at Matches Fashion

Very thoughtfully, these come, from IDEO in a choice of two fragrances: For the first think tropical white flowers..White tuberose from Mexico (that blooms at night), can you feel the warmest of nights with the gentlest of breezes?  Or the second, comes in the queen of all flowers ..the Rose, here utilising Rose de Grasse, about as good as Rose will ever get.

Rose Grasse PDL

The water contains 3% perfume and is alcohol free with it being fine enough to permeate our delicates giving a gentle aroma. Enough to feel a added sensuality without overpowering the sense.

Me? I love the sound or the Rose De Grasse, well it does put a whole new meaning to Rosy cheeks doesn’t it!

IDEO lingerie spray 100ml and available at Roullier White.

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