Decorate: Long Live Letterpressing

By Adrien Communier

Let’s be honest, Alan Kitching is quite a big deal. Working for over fifty years as a typographer, graphic designer and letterpress practitioner, he can mark himself as a brand that defined an entire generation of graphic artists. To celebrate five decades in the industry, Kitching has gathered his lifelong work in one main volume available exclusively at The book goes from Kitching’s first graphic experiments, under the guidance of mentor Anthony Froshaug, to his most famous pieces of work. Commissionned by the likes of The Guardian, Dazed & Confused and Penguin Books, Alan Kitching succeeded at staying completely relevant in an industry driven nowadays by digital technology and fast-paced access to everything.

Called “A Life in Letterpress”, the volume takes a look over Kitching’s impressive range of work and is also edited in a limited collector’s edition of 200 copies including a hand printed letterpress signed print, numbered and wrapped round the book to form a jacket.

Both editions are only available at (search “Exclusives”).

The Alan Kitching Special’s Edition: A Life in Letterpress (75£) is available here.
The Alan Kitching Collectors Edition: A Life in Letterpress (200£) is available here.


Advertisement for Kew Gardens, 1999 Broadside number 1, range of stationery, 1988smm Poster for National Theatre, 2002 1_2

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