Decorate: The Bold, The Beautiful and The Bizarre

By Jo Phillips

New Street Art:

How are London streets being decorated? Wouldn’t you like to know the name of the artists who paint the streets of London? With the help of  the ‘New Street Art’ book, it will expand your knowledge on the artwork and the artists who put their mark on the walls you walk past.

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When you purchase the book, take a look at Clet Abrahams work. His work reflects humour with an underlying concern with how signs are plaguing the streets unnecessarily, and how they are visually an eye sore. He believes signs are dominating us and reflect a culture that is misguided and controlled. Abrahams makes us aware of the things that dominate our world while putting a smile on our face at the same time.

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New street art is taking shape and is influencing London and its surroundings. It decorates the city and makes it look aesthetically pleasing, street art is part of every city.

Claude Crommelin’s book displays why it is important to recognise the creatives of London and why it should be appreciated. It makes us feel happy on a gloomy day and it gets our mind pondering on how the artist came up with that idea.

The cliché you find with creative London is that people tell you about the undiscovered places in the capital that you ought to visit, when you’d probably stumble upon them inevitably.

So, why not be really savvy and have the knowledge of being able to know specific street artists around parts of the city.

Skateboard Sticker Bomb:

Laurence King Publishing have just released their most sought after sticker book yet, with an explosion of over 240 peel-able skateboard stickers – This book is quite inspiring and joyful to look at.

For those who are already professionals or hopeful beginners, when you skateboard, your board will look like an artistic masterpiece with these stickers. Make your passion stand out with a collage of beautifully bizarre stickers.image (6)

While flicking through the sticker book, you will see stickers that are so creative and  textures that vary from glossy to rough, that you will think you are looking at parts of a painted mural. Be part of what makes London creative and be the culture with these stickers, customize your blank canvas, make a mark, make a statement.

Your mind will be blown with the amount of talent in this book. You might find yourself not wanting to peel the stickers off, from small intricate stickers to large detailed stickers, you’ll be overwhelmed with the selection you’ll have to choose from.

Stickers in the skateboarding community have played a pivotal role in shaping the skateboarding culture and re-defining it. The stickers will last you years and will certainly become a collectors item.


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