Decorate: The Space with Yayoi Kusama

By Adrien Communier

Yayoi Kusama considers her work as the perfect example of “psychosomatic art”, it is a way of expelling her inner demons. By repeating the same patterns over and over, Kusama creates an outlet that lets her breathe and helps her conjuring her personal fears. Working on space and infinity, Yayoi Kusama has been using similar patterns over the years for her work. Those patterns reflect Kusama’s biggest anxieties with dots representing her fear of solitude and phallic symbols relating to her fear of intimacy and sex. Kusama’s talent doesn’t only reflects through art. For the past few years she has been working in different fields with major collaborations such as the one with French-house Louis Vuitton based on her work with dots.

London-based gallery Victoria Miro is thrilled to announce the opening of a new exhibition by Yayoi Kusama in their three London locations from May 25 to July 30 of 2016. The exhibition will feature new paintings from the Japanese artist as well as pumpkin sculptures and mirror rooms created especially for the occasion.

Yayoi Kusama_Portrait_2014 c KUSA1023_MY HEARTS ABODE_2016 Yayoi Kusama-Victoria Miro Gallery for PR_  2016.4.21

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