Transform: Your Senses in Floral

By Jo Phillips

Just as fashion trends change, so do the favourable and most sought after scents. However, for the last few years there hasn’t been much change in the clearly popular choice.

After a short while of muskier woody scents and bold oriental aromas, the past few years have seen that lighter, florally fragrances have taken over. Flowers such as lily, jasmine and lavender are blended together to create romantic and sweet scents while men’s fragrances tend to be laced with orange blossom to create a more alluring tone. The power of these floral aromas falls down to them being able to portray a sexy and sensual persona with one set of components while a different blend can portray something a lot more feminine and elegant; their versatility making them so desirable. Floral fragrances hold the ability to keep the wearer feeling fresh and beautiful, it’s no question why these are the perennial favourites this year. Especially apt for the summer the favourable trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

See our stunning shoot below for an insight of an array of breathtaking floral fragrances available now.

Shot #1 From right to left
1) L’Occitane Collection de Grasse / Violette & Rose de Mai / Eau de Toilette
This vibrant floral blend is made up of;
     – Top notes; bergamot, mandarin, cassis, rhubarb and orange
     – Middle notes; may rose absolute, violet leaves and geranium embellish
     – Base notes; sandlewood and musk
2) Roger & Gallet / Fleur de Figuier / Eau de Parfum
Roger & Gallet recently released this newer more concentrated and intense version of this perfume;
      – Top notes; fig blossom, fig leaves and sweet candied fig
      – Middle notes; purple wood and patchouli
      – Base notes; musk and milky fig zest
3) Molton Brown / Dewy Lily of the Valley & Star Anise / Eau de Toilette
This fresh spring fragrance from Molton Brown is as delicate as silk;
      – Top notes; star anise, magnolia and green mandarin
      – Middle notes; lily of the valley, peony and white tea
      – Base notes; ylang-ylang, white musk and sandlewood
4) Liz  Earle / Botanical Essence NO.20 / Eau de Parfum
To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Liz Earle have concocted this spicy floriental essence with the help of perfumer Domitille Bertier;
      – Top notes; damask rose water, bergamot and mandarin essential oil
      – Middle notes; indian jasmine, vanilla extract and pink pepper berry oil
      – Base notes; sandalwood essential oil, carrot seed essential oil and patchouli
5) & other stories / Fleur de Mimosa / Eau de Toilette Shot
Made for both men and women, this scent contains
      – Top notes; Bergamot, blackcurrant and almond
      – Middle notes; jasmine, mimosa, heliotrope and nutmeg
      – Base notes; cedar and amber
#2 From left to right
1) Chloé / Roses de Chloé / Eau de Toilette
Reminiscent of a stroll through Parisian rose gardens, this sweet fragrance is made up of;
      – Top notes; bergamot, tarragon, litchi and lemon
      – Middle notes; damask rose, magnolia, cedar, apple, blackcurrant and peach
      – Base notes; white musk, amber, woody notes
2) Barbour / for her / Eau de Toilette
Evocative of nature and rural surroundings, this scent includes;
      – Top notes; rose, jasmine and blush peony
      – Middle notes; vetiver
      – Base notes; musk and sweet vanilla
3) Marc Jacobs / Daisy BLUSH / Eau de Toilette Spray / 50ml
From a limited edition collection this is a sophisticated interpretation of the Marc Jacobs’ ‘Daisy Girl’;
      – Top notes; water lily, pear and bergamot
      – Middle notes; honeysuckle, lily of the valley and mimosa
      – Base notes; musk and woody notes
4) Marc Jacobs / Daisy Eau so fresh BLUSH / Eau de Toilette Spray / 75ml
Another form the limited edition collection, signed by Annie Buzantian;
      – Top notes; pear, mandarin orange, apple and pink grapefruit
      – Middle notes; water lily, honeysuckle, rose and freesia
      – Base notes; woodsy notes, musk and cedar
5) Marc Jacobs / Daisy Dream BLUSH / New limited edition fragrance Shot
Daisy Dream in the soft pink bottle is made up of;
      – Top notes; violet, water lily and bergamot
      – Middle notes; freesia, rose and lily of the valley
      – Base notes; vetiver and musk
1) Frederic MalleCarlos Benaïm / Eau de Magnolia / Editions de Parfum
This delightfully floral unisex fragrance includes;
      – Top notes; calabrian bergamot
      – Middle notes; magnolia, vetiver and patchouli
      – Base notes; cedar, moss and amber
2) Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme / Ultime / Eau de Parfum
Described as the essence of the modern man, L’Homme is said to have an iconic smell that reflects courage elegance and magnetism, all with;
      – Top notes; grapefruit, ginger, cardamom
      – Middle notes; rose, sage and geranium
      – Base notes; cedar, vetiver
3) BVLGARI Man /  Black Cologne / Eau de Toilette
 Man Black Cologne mixes rum with freshness of greenery and citruses, creating an intoxicatingly sweet fragrance;
      – Top notes; citruses, green notes and rum
      – Middle notes; tuberose and orange blossom
      – Base notes; sandalwood, amber and musk
4) Agonist Parfums / Dark Saphir / Perfume Spray Shot
Based on the harmony of raw materials from the Middle East, Mediterranean and West, the ingredients of Dark Saphir   encompass a blend full of various shades;
      – Top notes; violet leaves, black pepper, cumin, coriander, ginger, bergamot, aromatic herbs, peach and raspberry
      – Middle notes; rose, iris, jasmine, geranium, carrot, carnation, orchid, heliotrope and cinnamon
      – Base notes; oud, patchouli, guaiac wood, labdanum, vanilla, copaiba, olibanum, nagarmotha and tonka
#4 From left to right
1) BVLGARI / Omnia Paraiba / Eau de Toilette
Inspired by Brazilian jungle, beaches and ocean, this fragrance is exotic, floral, fruity and woody;
      – Top notes; passion fruit and bitter orange
      – Middle notes; passion flower and gardenia
      – Base notes; vetiver and cacao pod
2) Calvin Klein / CK one summer / Eau de Toilette
CK’s annual limited edition summer fragrance is here, channeling the same refreshing, rebellious carefree and exciting CK men and women;
      – Top notes; lemon, lime, mojito, ginger and green apple
      – Middle notes; guava, Tahitian taire flower and juniper
      – Base notes; cedar, coconut milk and moss
3) Thameen / Peacock Throne / Hair fragrance with keratin Shot
From a line of oriental fragrances inspired by precious gems and treasures, Peacock Throne is made up of;
      – Top notes; Indian jasmine, Egyptian orris root and pink pepper
      – Middle notes; tail rose
      – Base notes; patchouli, vetiver and vanilla
#5 From left to right
1) Tory Burch / Jolie Fleur Bleue / Eau de Parfum
Plain and simple, the Tory Burch fragrances consist of;
 tuberose, grapefruit and sandalwood
2) Tory Burch / Jolie Fleur Rose / Eau de Parfum
Notes are rose, tea rose, cashmeran and musk
3) Tory Burch / Jolie Fleur Verte / Eau de Parfum
Notes are mandarin orange, neroli, jasmine, lily of the valley and green notes
4) Annick Goutal / Rose Pompon / Eau de Toilette Shot
This floral and fruity fragrance for both men and women is made up of;
      – Top notes; raspberry, blackcurrant and pink pepper
      – Middle notes; rose and pink peony
      – Base notes; musk, cedar and patchouli
#7 From left to right
1) Tom Daxon / Crushing Bloom / Eau de parfum
The intensely floral ‘Crushing Bloom’ by Tom Daxon is laced with hints of woody musk;
     – Top notes; lily of the valley, cardamom, pink pepper and black pepper
     – Middle notes; rose, iris and jasmine
     – Base notes; oakmoss, vetiver and moss
2) Lola James Harper / Do what you love with people you love 27 / Eau de toilette
3) Byredo / midnight candy / Extrait de Parfum
This light, powdery scent is perfect for the spring time weather transition;
      – Top notes; iris flower and carrot
      – Middle notes; black violet and Egyptian jasmine
      – Base notes; vanilla and osmanthus
4) Byredo / Casablanca lily / Extrait de Parfum
This oriental floral fragrance for women and men is made up of;
     – Top notes; plum and gardenia
     – Middle notes; Indian tuberose and cloves
     – Base notes; honey and palisander rosewood
5) Avery / Y / Perfume Spray Shot
Project directed by Alessio Avventuroso traces a visual identity of the five perfumes in line with the Avery;
     – Top notes; saffron and coffee
     – Middle notes; rose petals, lily of the valley and geranium
     – Base notes; agarwood and myrrh
#8 From left to right
1) Bella Freud / Je t’aime Jane / Eau de Parfum
Naming her perfumes by slogans that adore her fashion line, designer Bella Freud’s fragrance Je t’aime Jane is a feminine fragrance, girly and playful;
     – Top notes; bergamot, mandarin orange, ylang-ylang, peach and geranium
     – Middle notes; hyacinth, tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom and rose
     – Base notes; myrrh, agarwood, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, olibanum, tonka bean and vanilla
2) A Lab on fire / Made in Heaven / Eau de Parfum
A Lab on Fire created by Made in Heaven is a fragrance for both men and women;
    – The notes are Safran, magnolia petals, Italian mandarin, jasmine sambac, tuberose, orange flower, cereal accord, orris, and natural vanilla bean.
3) Lola James Harper / little by little with joy 25 / Eau de toilette
4) Jo loves / No. 42 The Flower Shop / Eau de Parfum
Floral green fragrance for both men and women, Jo Loves’ No. 42 The Flower Shop is made up of;
    – Top notes; green leaves, mandarin orange and peony
    – Middle notes; lily-of-the-valley, freesia, jasmine and narcissus
    – Base notes; iris, white musk, moss and patchouli
5) Penhaligon’s London / Luna / Eau de toilette Shot
Luna by Penhaligon’s is a fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance.Luna was launched in 2016.
    – Top notes are lemon, bergamot and bitter orange
    – Middle notes are rose, jasmine and juniper berries
    – Base notes are balsam fir, musk and ambergris.
#9 From left to right
1) Tom Daxon / Magnolia Heights / Eau de Parfum
Fresh and green magnolia with a masculine twist is the new fragrance by Tom Daxon
    – The notes include gardenia, ylang ylang, jasmine sambac, violet leaves, cedar and musk
2) Byredo / Rose Of No Man’s Land / Eau de Parfum
Rose Of No Man’s Land is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men.
    – Top notes are pink pepper and turkey red rose
    – Middle notes are turkey red rose and raspberry bloom
    – Base notes are papyrus and amber.
3) BVLGARI / Le Gemme Imperiali Desiria/ Eau de Parfum Shot
The luxury collection Le Gemme by Bvlgari includes six fragrances inspired with gems
    – The notes include Desiria, Irinia, Splendia and magnolia
#10 From left to right
1) Caron Paris / Piu Bellodgia / Eau de Parfum
Caron Piu Bellodgia is a Oriental Floral fragrance for women.
    – Top notes are carnation, rose, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley
    – Middle notes are cinnamon and cloves
    – Base notes are cedar, sandalowood and musk
2) Andrée Putman / L’Original / Préparation Parfumée
L’Original notes are driftwood, grey pepper, water lily and coriander leaves
3) Jasmin Angélique / Cologne Absolue / Atelier Cologne /  pure perfume natural spray
Cologne Absolue notes consist of
    – Top notes, lemon from Sicily, Sichuan pepper, and angelique
    – Middle notes, jasmine, galbanum and fig
    – Base notes are incense, white amber, and tonka bean
#11 From right to left
1) Elie Saab / Essence No. 9: Tubereuse / Eau de Parfu,
Elie Saab launches a luxury collection of “couture” fragrances, La Collection des Essences, consisting of four editions.
    – The notes include orange blossom, jasmine, and a rose honey accord, patchouli and cedar
2) Acqua di Parma/ Magnolia Nobile / Eau de Parfum
Acqua di Parma continues tradition of classical fragrances
    – The notes are bergamot, citruses, cedar, magnolia, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and vetiver.
3) Atkinsons London 1799 / The Big Bad Cedar / Eau de Parfum
The Big Bad Cedar is a Woody fragrance for women and men.
    – Top notes are cardamom, sage and broom
    – Middle note is virginia cedar
    – Base notes are oakmoss and cashmeran
4) Yves Saint Laurent / Exquisite musk / Eau de Parfum Shot
This fragrance contains:
    – Top notes is ginger
    – Middle notes are; rose, cinnamon and nutmeg
    – Base notes are; benzoin, ambergris, agarwood, musk, labdanum and patchouli
#12 From left to right
1) Fresh / Cannabis Rose / Eau de Parfum
Cannabis at the heart is blended in with jasmine and dark chocolate.
    – Base notes are: patchouli, white musk and Oolong tea.
2) Ermenegildo Zegna / Acqua di Bergamotto / Eau de toilette
Acqua di Bergamotto fragrance inspired by citrusy notes
    – Main notes are bergamot, floral notes,citrus, and sea air/water
3) Tom Ford / Soleil Blanc / Eau de Parfum
Tom Ford Soleil Blanc contains
    – Top notes are spicy cardamom, pink pepper, pistachio, bergamot, ylang ylang, jasmine and tuberose
    – The base contains almonds,amber, tonka bean, and coconut milk
4) Atelier Cologne / Mimosa Indigo / Pure Perfume Shop
Mimosa Indigo notes contain
    – Citrus, saffron,fresh veil, sandalwood,vanilla, and musk
Also available from Fresh includes their Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream and Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum both designed to improve the skin complexion and general moisture with their nourishing and soothing ingredients.
#13 From left to right
1) Penhaligon’s London / Halfeti / Eau de Parfum
Penhaligon’s London presents a new fragrance  which is inspired by precious goods traded by Turkey
    – Top notes are citruses, herbs, spices, bergamot, grapefruit, saffron, cardamom, atermisia, and cypress needles
    – Middle notes are jasmine, rose, nutmeg
    – Base notes are leather, oud, cedar, sandalwood, amber, musk, tonka, and vanilla
2) Roger & Gallet / Jean-Marie Farina /Eau de Cologne
Jean-Marie Farina is a citrus aromatic fragrance for women and men
    – Top notes are bergamot, amalfi lemon, orange and mandarin orange
    – Middle notes are petitgrain, carnation, neroli, rosemary and rose
    – Base notes are clove, myrtle, cedar, sandalwood, musk, white amber and vetiver
3) Floris London / Cherry Blossom / Eau de Parfum
Cherry Blossom fragrance celebrates several centuries of Japanese tradition
    – Top notes include bergamot, orange, pink pepper, osmanthus, rose and peony
    – Base notes are sandalwood and musk
4) Prada Milano / Mimosa / Eau de Parfum Shot
 Prada Mimosa contains notes of anise, mandarin with mimosa, rose and wood.
#14 From left to right
1) Profumi del forte / Vaiana Dea / Eau de Parfum
Vaiana Dea is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women
    – Top notes are aldehydes, peach, coconut, bergamot, milk and violet leaf
    – Middle notes are tuberose, ylang-ylang, orchid, jasmine, lily, white rose, cacao pod and honey
    – Base notes are benzoin, white musk, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla and oakmoss
2) Etro / Shantung / Eau de Parfum
Shantung perfume notes include, mandarin, cassis, lychee, frankincense, rose, peony, cedar, cashmeran and musk
3) Atkinsons  London 1799 / My Fair Lily / Eau de Parfum
My Fair Lily perfume includes notes of lily,chamomile,rhubarb, patchouli,vetiver and accord.
4) Creed / Royal Mayfair / Eau de Parfum
Royal Mayfair fragrance draws inspiration from the life and influence of King Edward VIII.
    – Top notes are British Gin, Jamaican lime and aromatic pine
    – Middle note is Rose
    – Base notes are Orange, Cedar and Eucalyptus
#15 From left to right
1) Heyland Whittle / Citrus & Lavender / Rattan reed diffuser
Heyland Whittle diffuser notes are fruity lemon and sweet smoky lavender.
2) Roads Fragrances / Paper Pink / Perfumed Candle
Roads Fragrances perfumed candle is inspired by the elegance of Japanese culture and the beauty of cherry blossom.
    – Top notes are Lemon, Bergamot, Tea Accord,Rose, Cassis, Rosebud, Magnolia and Violet.
    – Base notes are Patchouli, Amber and Cedar
3) Roads Fragrances / Moon Garden / Perfumed Candle
Roads Fragrances Moon Garden Candle fragrance contains
    – Top  notes are clove, cassis, apricot, green fig and basil.
    – Middle notes are Rose, Jasmin, and Iris
    – Base notes are Woods, Vanilla, Musk and Incense
4) The White Company London / Flowers Signature Candle
The White Company London ‘Flowers’ features jasmine, rose, neroli, lavender and geranium
5) The White Company London / White Lavender Candle
The White Company London ‘White Lavender’ features basil, Sicilian lemon and vetivert
6) Heyland and Whittle / Neroli & Rose / Rattan Reed Diffuser
Heyland and Whittle Neroli & Rose features Orange Blossom and Rose
1) Lola James Harper / Billiard Room of Jean Jacques 18 / Perfumed Candle
Lola James Perfumed Candle features Rhum and Wood
2) Bella Freud / Loving / Perfumed Candle
Bella Freud ‘Loving Candle features Tuberose, Amber and Sandalwood
3) Frederick Marle / Tubereuse / Perfumed Candle
Frederick Marle Perfumed Candle features natural tuberose absolute
4) Ideo / Jasmin de Beyrouth / Perfumed Candle
Ideo Jasmin de Beyrouth candle features Jasmin, Gardenia along with earthy tones
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