Dense: Concentrate, concentrate, concentrate

By Jo Phillips

A whole swathe of new concentrated skincare products are coming along this summer season, and we are extremely excited to be hearing about one ingredient in particular – Resveraterol…  It’s a potent polyphenol antioxidant found in grapes, various berries, nuts and other plant sources which have been found to help sustain healthy cell longevity by neutralising free radical damage and repairing the visible effects of accumulated skin ageing, so basically it is an important new development for skin that has had sun exposure. Which we all will have had by the time you read this thanks to the lovely LOVELY weather we’re having.
Cent - MooGoo Anti AgeingWe love the name of Aussie brand MooGoo and the launch of their new Anti-Ageing face cream took some 6 months in the development stage to try to get the ratios and stability right. (Resveratrol is known for being a little tricky in terms of its stability in products.)  The cream contains an extremely high quota of alomst 100% pure micronized Resveratrol which makes it a little thicker in consistency than other creams but they say “our cream is designed to provide healthy ingredients to maintain youthful skin, not short term miracles that might cause damage longer term.”
cent - skinceuticals resveratrolAnother one to look out for is the new night concentrate from advanced skincare brand SkinCeuticals.  Called Resveratrol B E, this is aimed at protecting against accumulated skin damage and optimises the skin’s natural night-time processes by promoting skin’s natural defence systems, the idea behind Skinceutical’s launch is to reinforce the skin’s protection against free radical damage, whilst strengthening skin’s functionality against, AND diminish the appearance of visible skin ageing all at the same time.
Equally exciting is the news that our much loved Frankincense intense from Neal’s Yard will be bringing out a super boost version come November this year in the form of a concentrate.

Sharing many of the same ingredients as their existing product, but containing 100% more peptides than the moisturiser, this little wonder aims to give you instant age defying results.

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