DENSE: Emotion But Ethereal

By Leah Sinclair

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The density of emotion is often something explored within music. From soft melodic tunes, to thumping emotionally charged beats, music has often been the perfect way to communicate emotion. To coincide with our ‘Dense’ theme, singer and songwriter Laura Doggett has picked her top 7 emotionally dense records, comprised of both emotionally driven lyrics, ethereal melodies and more.

Language of My Heart – Laura Doggett

This is a song about love that isn’t possessive or selfish, a kind of love were you can flourish. The concept of this track always reminds me of something like not picking a flower if you love the way it grows; only to have something in your hands and watch it die. 

Tiny Dancer- Elton John

I think Tiny Dancer is a beautiful song which captures a moment in time. The lyrics create these poetic, ethereal and beautiful images of this woman in L.A trying to be a star, being adored and cared for, while showing the fun that can be had.

Wherever You Will Go – The Calling

The intensity in Alex Band’s voice gives the song real depth and emotion. It’s a classic and I think that’s what makes this other-worldly. I love that he gives everything in his performance which is something I try to do, making this song timeless because of it’s rawness and emotion. 

The Promise – Tracy Chapman

The simple, poignant vocal of Tracy Chapman, amidst a beautifully whimsical guitar and subtle string arrangements is a perfect example of how easy it is to get emotion across to your audience without a big chorus’ and belting voice. It’s a classic example of great songwriting, as it doesn’t try to overtly impress anybody, but focuses on saying words truthfully and creating a peaceful place for this song and memory to lay. 

Fix You – Coldplay

This song is based purely on emotion and songs such as this are a universal language in itself. You don’t have to know what it says, you can just feel it. 

If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys 

This song has an etherealness to it and real depth because it takes you into other people’s lives and their idea of what true happiness is. Alicia was one of my first singing influences for her blues/pop husk, piano, and epic ballads.  


Take On Me – A-ha

An inventive, brave and bold classic. A-ha mastered the art of making an awesome song by not playing it safe and being brave lyrically and sonically.




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