Dense: Packaging that activates

By Jo Phillips

Brad Biophotontic Skincare launches this month from across the pond with something very very clever.  Violet glass packaging.

Cent - brad biophotontic

You may think this is not that groundbreaking, after all, there are many coloured bottles in the beauty aisles, but here’s the thing.  It’s not just violet, it’s biophotontic – which means the glass allows only violet light to penetrate it, thereby activating and energising the contents inside the packaging, meaning a much longer shelf life as well as a highly concentrated, highly effective product for you to use.

Originally developed for private charter jet clients to protect against the skin concerns of frequent air travel, the natural skincare brand uses state of the art technology and protects the skin against even the most harsh environmental factors whilst maintaining their ethos for all-natural ingredients; no animal testing; no parabens, sulfates, dyes or perfumes; and BPA-free packaging.

This is such a precise development, it offers endless possibilities for the future of packaging and the beauty industry as a whole.  Well done Brad.

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