Dense: Photography and Fiction

By Angelina Puschkarski

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14 unique photographs all in one book accompanied by works of fiction written by 9 different authors: this is the new book ‘RE:IMAGINED, curated by Robert John and Clodagh O’Brien which takes the imaginings of a graphic designer from London and sees them retold through flash fiction and poetry.

The book is a continuation of a social media project called ‘What I See I Look At‘ – a project which comes from the desire to see the world in the unique way we used to when we were children. Nowadays we are so distracted by the gadgets and noise surrounding us that we forget to really notice the things we walk past everyday.

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The book is taking someone’s re-imagining of the world, and then re-imagining it in words.

The result is something quite curious.


Get the book online here.

(All profits are donated to Parkinson’s disease society)

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